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Reaping the Rewards of Resort Credit

Take Your Dream Vacation to the Next Level

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Pulling up to the front of your tropical all-inclusive resort for the first day, you may feel like you’re walking on air. Sunlight shining down and bathing you in warmth, cool ocean breeze whispering bliss into your ear, not a worry to be found in your whole world. All you need is a mojito in hand, a spot of sand to call your own on that pristinely sprawling beach, and you’re set for the duration of your stay. Right? 

This approach, though fulfilling enough, could be enhanced. In the state of vacation affairs of the modern day, resort credit is far too prominent a factor to take lightly. Available at select resorts (just ask our experts which ones!), resort credit is the perfect pinch of spice in an already gourmet dish; not using it at all is a classic case of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. For an idea of how exactly to elevate your already-pristine getaway, consider some of the following.

Spa Pool at The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun
the grand at Moon Palace Cancun: Use your resort credit to help you decompress and relax at the on-site spa, which includes a pool. 

Why It Pays to Stay in Paradise

First things first: the math behind resort credit. While every extra day spent in paradise would seem like reward enough, it literally pays to stay longer. Some resorts award more resort credit the longer your stay is, with the added value often completely negating the expense of a few more nights. Beyond the numbers, the enjoyment is exponential: more credit means more experiences, more time for the experiences means less pressure per day to experience them all. Simple! 

 MOON PALACE JAMAICA: Enjoy fun activities with your resort credit such as a catamaran ride with your family.

Consider: Moon Palace Jamaica

Nestled on the island’s northeastern shores of Ocho Rios, Moon Palace Jamaica proves the perfect basecamp for adventures throughout the rest of the isle—and resort credit proves the perfect means to making it happen. Visiting the enchanting Konoko Falls, soaring up the side of Mystic Mountain and sailing a catamaran into the sunset are all but an ask away from your enjoyment. Conversely, if you’d rather stay in for your time in Jamaica, Moon Palace is well-equipped for every kind of beach day imaginable—be it a guided snorkel tour or a personal playdate with dolphins, resort credit is the stuff dream beach days are made of.

Family swimming with dolphin
Moon palace Jamaica: Engage in a jaw-dropping experience and swim with dolphins using your resort credit.

Consider: The Grand at Moon Palace Cancun

Just as there are many nuances to the flavors of a margarita, a stay on the world-renowned shores of Cancun is likely to entail a substantial amount of possibilities and combinations. A tour to the fabled shores of the adults-only Isla Mujeres or a venture into the Chef’s Kitchen at the Grand both make for that quintessential kick to the trip, that spice of life. A morning spent hitting the links at a palm-lined oasis golf course might conjure notes of refreshment, a sense of zest to jumpstart your days. Or, should you prefer your days soaked in sumptuous, the spas that call Cancun home are quite possibly some of the best in the world, making for ultra-soothing moments to savor endlessly. Whatever combination you decide is best for you, The Grand at Moon Palace has the ingredients to craft it. And, with the benefit of resort credit, it’s on the house.

Cooking class at Moon Palace Cancun
the grand at moon palace cancun: Use your resort credit to get a personal cooking lesson from a world-renowned chef in the Chef's Kitchen.

A Good Reason to Come Back Soon

Should you make it to the end of your vacation at one of the two aforementioned resorts only to find that you weren’t able to capitalize on all of your resort credit, fear not: it doesn’t wash away like your sand castle. Palace Resorts has taken the revolutionary approach of making resort credit last beyond your tangible stay at the resort—after all, you earned it. Whatever resort credit unspent can be redeemed up to 12 months after the original stay, allowing you to save the credit for a rainy day when a spontaneous vacation would hit the spot. Long gone are the days of could’ve, would’ve, should’ve. From now on, it’s only something to look forward to next time.

Playing Golf
Go golfing: Indulge in a game of golf with your friends using your resort credit. 

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about where and how resort credit can elevate your vacation? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with a travel agent, who can customize a dream itinerary that you deserve.



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