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Why "Game of Thrones" Fans Should Visit This Themed Pub in DC

Shame! Shame! Shame! That’s exactly what you’ll hear from staff and patrons when you order one of the signature cocktails on the menu at the new Game of Thrones Pub in Washington, DC. Owned and operated by the Drink Company, this new pop-up bar, located in the Shaw neighborhood, will get even busier now that the award-winning HBO series is about to kick off the start of its seventh season Sunday, July 16. So, the interest in checking out this new bar will only increase throughout the new season, and GoT fans will wait patiently in line – sometimes in the sweltering heat – for almost an hour just to get in. And for them… it’s worth the wait!

Let Vacation experts help plan your trip to a Game of Thrones-inspired location.
Winterfell: Patrons cozy up to a bar in front of a replica of a Weirwood Tree found in Godswood.

The Realms

Your adventure through the realms begin when you step through the bar’s front entrance. Immediately, you are transported to a few of the realms featured on the TV show, such as The North, the Red Keep, the House of Black and White, and Maureen. As you maneuver through the crowd, you’ll noticed the GoT-theme décor which includes a replica of one of Daenarys’ dragons that juts out from the darkness in one room, the Hall of Faces that features the plastered molds of the faces of the Drink Company’s staff, family and friends; and of course, a replica of the coveted Iron Throne. Banners from each realm and a replica of the wooden planks where Theon Greyjoy was strung up and brutally tortured by the evil Ramsey Snow add even more character to the bar. And if you look closely, you’ll notice several other significant nods to the binge-worthy show.

Let Vacation experts help plan your trip to a Game of Thrones-inspired location.
Hall of Faces: This replica of the Hall of Faces was created from using plastered face molds of the Drink Company's staff, family and friends. 

The Cocktails

OK… so now, that you have a lay of the land, it’s time to order a drink from one of the three bars. The bartenders – some dressed as characters – move at a fevered pace to make some of the most delicious cocktails. Depending on what you order, your tasty concoction may be served in specialty glassware that would be a great keepsake; however, bartenders may hold your ID or credit card until it’s returned. You’ve been warned!

Of course, the real stars of this bar are the signature cocktails such as “The Lannisters Send Their Regards” (made with vodka, Fino sherry, Contratto bitter, strawberry, lemon and sparkling water), “The North Remembers” (made with scotch, Oloroso, Cointreau, Falernum, coconut and pineapple gomme), and the “Dracarys” (made with Two James Dr. Bird Jamaica rum, Oloroso, Orgeat, pineapple, lemon and salt) that comes with a plastic dragon garnish on the side of the glass. And just FYI, beer, cider and wine are also on the menu.

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Savory Cocktails: Try the "Dracarys" (on the right) or the "Shame" cocktail (on the left). You'll feel like Cersei Lannister taking her walk of shame as the bartender rings a bell and patrons yell, "Shame, shame, shame!"

What You Should Know

• Arrive early… get in quicker. The block-long line can sometimes be an hour wait or more, but that just gives you extra time to chat with others about the upcoming season.
• Don’t miss out on the "Iron Throne" photo op. Give the Night’s Watch doorman your name and phone number to get on the waitlist. It’s so Instagram-worthy!
• Avoid Sunday nights. The bar shuts down at 7 p.m. EST, so everyone can watch the latest episode.
• Make your plans to visit soon. This pop-up bar is open every day until closing time on Sunday, Aug. 27.
• And finally, have a good time! You may not be a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, but you will appreciate the vision it took to bring the popular TV show to life in this 3,000 square-foot space.

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GoT Pub Tip: Add your name and phone number to the waitlist for a fun "Iron Throne" photo op found at the back of this bar.

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