Group of people walking towards camera on the beach with a cruise ship behind them (at sunset).

Have Group, Will Travel

Why Cruise Ships and Large Groups are the Perfect Match

The more does not always make the merrier. Some things are simply better when experienced with just a few people: watching your favorite films, trying to get a table in a crowded restaurant, splitting lottery winnings. While other occasions are improved thanks to large groups: searching for a lost cat, watching the Super Bowl, playing in the Super Bowl.

We’d like to add vacations to the “better with a group” list. With more like-minded people to share the good times—be it your multi-generational family or a group of friends—your group vacation should be time well spent strengthening the ties that bind you together. 

“But…but…but,” you say, your index finger waving assertively in the air. “My Aunt Edna walks with a cane and my friend Hal just wants to lounge around all day, when I’d rather hike up a waterfall! Plus, my mom is super weird…she’s vegan! How can one vacation make everyone happy?”

Mother with her children stand on deck of large passenger ship near handrails.
On Cruise Ships: There's plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a diverse range of activities.

Put that finger down and we’ll tell you how: take a cruise vacation.

On cruise ships, there is plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a diverse range of activities. Aunt Edna can mix and mingle during a wine tasting or a cooking class, while Hal lounges in the whirlpool watching a movie under the stars. Being a bit more adventurous, you have your pick of zip-lines, rock-climbing walls, heart-pounding waterslides, dance lessons or the casino.

Onboard entertainment runs the gamut too, from full-scale Broadway shows, diving extravaganzas and aerial performances to live bands and DJs, comedians and piano bars. And that’s before you close the night at the ice bar or singing karaoke. Whatever makes your eyes and ears soar in unison, you’ll find on a cruise ship.

As for that vegan mom of yours, no worries there. Cruises are all about variety when it comes to food, so she—and everyone else in your crew—will have a dozen onboard choices: sushi, Mexican, brew pubs, pizza joints, steak houses, hot dog stands and the old reliable room service on the balcony while you watch the sun set over the ocean.

Most activities are included in the price of your fare, making a cruise vacation an incredible value.

And before you mention your cousins’ kooky kids who are always pestering you at family gatherings, cruise lines have them covered too. With kids clubs, teens-only spaces, video game rooms, DreamWorks character parades, and some of the most spine-tingling waterslides in the world, the only thing the wee ones will complain about is the end of the voyage.

Most of these activities are included in the price of your fare, making a cruise vacation an incredible value. You may also get a group discount when you book multiple cabins, making the value even greater.

And that’s just the onboard stuff! Each day your ship docks at a new, adventure-ready destination. If, for instance, you pull up in Falmouth, Jamaica, Aunt Edna can browse the street markets, Hal can snooze on the white-sand beach, and you, yes you, can actually hike up a waterfall—Dunn’s River Falls, to be precise.

That’s just one awesome stopover. Just imagine the adventures you could have in the Mediterranean, up north in the Baltic Sea, roaring through the Panama Canal or hitting up Sydney down under? Wherever your ship goes—and they dock at some 200 ports around the globe—everyone, and we mean everyone, will love it.