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Top 10 Tips for Traveling with Kids

Your To-Do List Before Your Next Family Vacation

After making plans for a family vacation, parents can easily get wrapped up in the excitement of the quality time they will spend with their kids. And having an expert travel agent to help make your trip-planning process stress free and to help customize your vacation itinerary is a valuable resource. To keep that stress-free feeling going, we’ve pulled together a quick list of things you should remember to do before you travel with your kids. You’ll thank us later!

1. Book the Right Flight Time. With help from one of Vacation’s expert travel agents, try and book your flights for the right time of day for the age of your child. Travel with young children when they can nap. If your kids are early birds take the earlier flights. 

2. Consider Direct Flights. Spend a little extra on direct flights, and a seat for your child under the age of 2.

3. Teach the Value of Travel Etiquette. Teach your children about proper etiquette before you travel. For example, they should understand the importance of staying buckled in their seat and waiting patiently in lines.

4. Bring your car seat and a good stroller. Your child’s car seat is a great way to keep kids safe on an airplane and it is familiar to them. A stroller that can maneuver easily in crowds and be packed away when needed is essential to getting your kids around airports, theme parks or cities.

5. Build in extra time when traveling. Remember that you will have extra luggage, and perhaps, you’ll also be traveling with a stroller and kids, which may not move as fast as you do. For example, before your trip to the airport, assess the extra time you may need to arrive to get there with your kids, luggage, etc. 

6. Pack Their Favorite Snacks. Make sure you pack a lot of your kid’s favorite snacks and maybe a few special surprises that they can eat while traveling. Pack gum and lollipops for their ears to help with the take-off and landing. And don’t forget about the little ones, provide a bottle or pacifier for baby, too!

7. Keep Kids Entertained. Bring your personal mobile devices, like a tablet, and load them up with your kid’s favorite movies and games. Add a couple of new ones before you leave so they have something different to keep them busy. Don’t forget the headphones, and pack a spare set! And from reading to coloring, books never go out of style to keep kids occupied while traveling.

8. Plan a vacation that has something for everyone. Think of age appropriate activities for your children to do during a family trip, but also allow some time to relax and hangout with one another. 

9. Last-Minute Packing Reminders:

  • Let your kids bring one of their favorite toys and or that special blanket.
  • Bring extra clothes and shoes to prepare for those messy moments kids may have during vacation.
  • Hand sanitizer and wipes are a MUST!
  • First-Aid Kit with Band-Aids and antiseptic
  • Bring the basic meds: Ibuprofen, cough syrup and ear drops.
  • Don’t forget to pack all prescribed medications for you and your kids.

10. Capture it on Your Camera. Invest in a good camera to capture those precious family moments. And if you don’t have the money, your smartphone camera will work just as well.

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