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The Value of a Travel Agent When Planning Your Solo Vacation

First Steps for Solo Travelers Working with a Travel Agent

Few things in life provide the wave of wonder, the sense of peace and the feeling of fulfillment quite like venturing out to a new and novel corner of the world all by yourself. The discoveries you’ll encounter are remarkably more potent when savored solo—instances of awe wash over you and reverberate in such a way that awakens parts of the soul you probably never noticed before. Truly, nothing is better for the self than solo travel.

But, going it alone with regards to anything can be a tricky endeavor—a journey all by yourself is certainly no exception. The last thing you want while savoring a scenic sunset is a notification that your best-laid plans have gone completely awry. For this reason, it’s wise to partner up on your trip with a travel agent. The benefits are manifold, integrating into your journey in such a way that elevates the best and completely cancels the worst. For a few examples of why you’ll breathe easier, here what to expect when working with a travel agent.

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solo traveler - It's wise to work with a travel agent because the benefits will elevate your solo travel experience and will act as a security blanket if plans go awry.

Personally-Tailored Itineraries

Off the top of your head, there’s probably no one that knows what you like more than you—you are the expert on you, after all. Seems like enough to make you the expert on planning your own vacation, right? One fact worth considering: you are not an expert on travel. The options, possibilities and pitfalls out there in the world of travel are as immense as planet Earth; put succinctly, you’d benefit from a guide. That’s where a travel agent comes in. With years of professional expertise, oftentimes specializing in a certain region of the world or a style of vacation, a travel agent is uniquely positioned to translate your likes and interests into the most fulfilling reality possible.

Woman seated for a meal in Cappadocia, Turkey.
Customized Itineraries -  A travel agent can customize your solo dream trip with private excursions, such as a unique food experience in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Bespoke Perks and Amenities

While you are certainly welcome to scour the internet for the specifics to plan your dream getaway, the little things—the details that take an already exciting experience into the realm of utterly enchanting—aren’t found with a simple Google search. They exist within the network of your agent’s professional connections: Everyone from resorts to airlines to cruise ships to tour groups has something extra (and oftentimes, extra special) to offer a travel agent’s discerning client. Savoring the likes of a flight upgrade or a complimentary welcome bottle of champagne is simply part of having a travel agent on your team.

Man riding a scooter on cobblestone street in a city.
Exciting experiences - Solo travelers can work with a travel agent, who - through exiting relationships with airlines, hotels and tour companies - can offer exclusive benefits or perks. 

The Serenity of Security

Just as the world is immense, it is unpredictable. Flight delays, unfortunate weather and medical emergencies are never on the itinerary, but sometimes they happen anyway. These would-be disasters are when travel agents truly shine—the same professional expertise and industry connections that were on display before are now dedicated solely to your surprise predicament. Even if a predicament doesn’t arise, you’ll find that knowing you’re safe and secure against any hypothetical to be a solid source of serenity.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about planning your solo getaway? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with an expert travel agent, who can customize the dream itinerary that you deserve.

Woman sitting in a bamboo heart overlooking a rice terrace in Bali.
serenity of security - Put your mind at ease during your vacation, knowing that your travel agent will be there to help you through unexpected emergencies, including flight cancellations. 

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