Man texting his fiancé about his plans for their honeymoon.

Why Use a Travel Agent to Plan Your Honeymoon

Need an Expert In Honeymoon Happiness?

Planning your honeymoon at the same time as your wedding is like juggling steak knives while blowing up an air mattress. Sure it’s possible, but one slip and POP!!—you’re sleeping on the hardwood floor. That’s why many couples who don’t want to see their honeymoon dreams POP are delegating the planning and organization to an experienced travel professional.

Not only does this give you time to focus 100% on the wedding preparations—along with all the other events in your fast and furious lives—but it also feels awesome knowing a tried-and-true professional is in your travel corner.

If you’re on the fence about giving the honeymoon planning reins to an agent, here are some things to consider.


They Know Travel Planning
There are a ton of details to even the simplest of vacations. You have to keep track of confirmation numbers, hotel rooms, currency exchanges, packing lists, activities, ground transportation, meals and more… or you could let someone else handle it all for you. Travel agents thrive on these details, keeping them all lined up so that your honeymoon goes off without a hitch.

They Know Destination Secrets

Do you know which resort in Cancun has the best swim-up bar? A travel agent does. Do you know which sightseeing excursions are best to discover the local culture? A travel agent does. They’ve been to many of the destinations you’re dreaming of, and they’ve sailed on the cruise lines you’re targeting. They use that experience to advise you to make the most informed decisions.

They Know How to Make Honeymooners Happy

 One of the best parts of your wedding day—besides gorging yourself on cake—is being treated like royalty by everyone in attendance. You want that feeling to carryover throughout your honeymoon, and when you work with a travel agent, it does. Travel agents use their connections with resorts and cruise lines to get you extra-special touches and VIP-worthy amenities at no additional charge, like a bottle of champagne waiting in your suite, free room upgrades, complimentary shore excursions and more. 

They Know How to Make You Happy

Do you feel all that wedding planning weight on your shoulders? When you have an experienced professional handling all the honeymoon arrangements, the wedding planning doesn’t feel so heavy. You can actually relax and enjoy the process, knowing that once you say “I do,” the next week of your life will be a dream-fulfilling, perfectly planned getaway. But why stop there—ask your travel agent to help with your destination wedding too, and then you can totally bliss out stress free.


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