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Why Newlyweds Should Consider a Cruise for Their Honeymoon

Luxury Cruise Ships Offer Couples an Ideal Romantic Experience

Almost every bride (and groom) dreams of an exotic honeymoon. It’s their chance to finally celebrate their wedded bliss while relaxing on a beautiful Caribbean beach, sipping cappuccino together in a romantic Paris bistro or exploring intimate courtyards on a sun-drenched Greek Isle. These days, more and more newlyweds are finding cruise ships offer ideal opportunities to achieve their fondest honeymoon wishes.

Wedding planning demands couples make dozens of crucial decisions. That’s why most newlyweds want a hassle-fee honeymoon that’s relaxing and romantic in every aspect. A honeymoon on a cruise ship provides the ultimate solution with all of the key vacation decisions – including accommodations, dining, entertainment and activities – made and paid for in advance.

And while there’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to a cruise ship honeymoon, a Vacation travel agent can help you find the best cruise line that offers an itinerary with your favorite destinations, and a ship that provides high-end features and services to create the ultimate honeymoon – one you just may find superior to traditional, land-based post-nuptial celebration.

Picturesque view of mountains, countryside and river in Norway
Amazing Destinations: A travel agent can help you find the best cruise line that offers an itinerary with your favorite destinations for a perfectly customized honeymoon.

Even better, today’s cruise lines are adding a boatload of special packages and amenities designed specifically for honeymooners.

For example, you can opt to dine on your stateroom’s private balcony while gazing at the ocean, or reserve a table for two in an intimate, celebrity-interior-decorator designed venue. Cruise line personnel can even arrange chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne in your suite!

A cruise ship will also provide an ideal romantic setting. You can take your spouse for a moonlight stroll along the ship’s promenade deck or indulge in an intimate massage-for-two in the ship’s spa. Honeymooners can even slip into an outdoor Jacuzzi spa for a midnight dip.

And premium and luxury cruise ships offer honeymooners once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to spend their first romantic journey together in some of the world’s most treasured locations, from sun-splashed Caribbean islands to fabled European capitals to Alaskan glacier peaks.

couple holding hands at a romantic dinner
Romantic Setting: With help from the onboard staff and crew, you can arrange a romantic dinner for two on your stateroom's balcony or at one of the cruise ship's restaurants. 

Cruise-ship honeymoons are also extremely flexible, because friends and family can join the couple for onboard wedding ceremonies while in port on embarkation day, and then opt to come along for the entire cruise if they desire. Here are a few more reasons to consider a cruise-ship honeymoon:

Stress Reducer: Because they combine accommodations, transportation, meals and entertainment in a single package, cruise ships offer honeymooners virtual one-stop shopping, with all of the staples of a deluxe vacation experience. Instead of worrying about reaching for your wallet and monitoring the cost of each and every meal, event or service, you’ll feel free to spend your honeymoon cruise simply enjoying the experience.

Special Amenities: Luxury and premium cruise lines are known for their attentiveness to passengers, especially newlyweds and honeymooners. With the aid of a knowledgeable travel agent, your honeymoon cruise will include special packages with pampering amenities and services like in-stateroom champagne and chocolate upon boarding, cultural blessing ceremonies in exotic destinations and personal congratulatory wishes from the ship’s captain and crew.

A young couple and older couple enjoying wine on a ship.
Packages & Amenities: Several luxury cruise lines offer packages that feature high-end wines and champagnes, portrait photos, parties and special shore excursions for couples traveling with family and friends.

The “Floating Hotel” Effect: Today’s luxury and premium cruise ships offer the style and feel of a boutique luxury hotel, with crew-to-guest ratios that ensure a high level of service for passengers. Enjoy the convenience of visiting several destinations on one trip without ever packing up again or changing rooms mid-journey.

Luxury and premium cruise lines utilize smaller ships carrying fewer guests compared with mega cruise liners. Thus, they offer passengers more elbow room and serene atmospheres compared with contemporary mega cruise ships. An experienced travel agent can connect you with the cruise line and ship that’s just right for your tastes.

Exotic Destinations: Cruise ships are not all created equal. Premium and luxury-class ships go beyond routine itineraries to embark on voyages to some of the world’s fabled romantic destinations, from Tahiti’s lush hillsides to the blue waters of the Cote d’Azur to intimate Caribbean ports too small for larger, mass-market cruise ships. You can spend dreamy days and evenings traveling with your spouse to some of the world’s most picturesque settings.

In fact, there are luxury cruise lines that offer couples the opportunity to tailor their honeymoon voyage to suit their own tastes: guests can select when and where to embark and disembark from more than 200 destinations.

Panoramic view of a riverside village in Germany
Your Cruise Itinerary: In addition to beautiful fairytale villages in Germany, cruises can also include exotic destinations such as Tahiti and Cote d'Azur.

Special Packages and Amenities: Several luxury cruise lines offer packages featuring high-end wines and champagnes, portrait photos, parties and special shore excursions for couples traveling with family and friends. Also available are couple’s massages, chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to staterooms, breakfast in bed and specialty shore tours like hot-air balloon excursions.

Select luxury lines offer pre-reservation capability allowing guests to book special services and requests in advance. Others feature onboard concierges who can assist in crafting seamless romantic experiences. And several upscale lines allow honeymooners to reserve romantic candlelit tables for two in intimate restaurants or dine in the privacy of their suites at no additional charge.

Guests can have their ship’s staff serve a romantic in-suite dinner course by course or opt for on-deck champagne and caviar service and in-stateroom bubble baths drawn upon request by stewardesses.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about how you can plan the ultimate cruise for your honeymoon? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with a travel agent who can customize an itinerary that you’re going to love.

Couple enjoying wine on the bow
Just for Two: With a Vacation travel agent, you have the luxury of stress-free planning to create a once-in-a-lifetime dream honeymoon you both won't forget.

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