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Travel Lingo 101

Unveiling Mysterious Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Terms

What do all-inclusive resorts really include? Are blackout dates an eco-friendly way to save energy? Is off-peak when you have to leave a mountaintop to let the next climbing group up? What are officiants and are they related to elephants? What’s an OOTG and should I visit a doctor if I have one? 

Anyone planning a destination wedding or international honeymoon will come across a host of unfamiliar terms, bewildering acronyms and industry lingo. This causes some to stress out, because they know how important the details are in pulling off perfection.

The glossary below will help you and your partner decode this mysterious language. If you need more clarification, or if you just need someone to take all of the travel words out of your dictionary and make the reservations for you, then talk to a travel agent (see below under T). 

Adjoining Rooms – Bordering hotel rooms that do not share a common door, like connecting rooms do. Otherwise known as the place you do not want you parents to stay on your first night as a married couple.

Advance Purchase Requirement – An airline ticket that must be purchased a minimum number of days before the flight departs.

All-Inclusive – A style of resorts or cruises where most all of your meals, drinks, accommodations, entertainment and activities are covered in one price. Spa treatments, fancy bottles of wine and off-site excursions typically cost extra.

American Breakfast - A hotel breakfast that includes typical American fare like fried eggs, sausage and toast, saving the traveler from trying congee or haggis.  

Blackout Dates – Specific dates when special fares or promotions do not apply, typically around holidays or special events.

Boutonniere - A single flower worn by the groom and groomsmen on the left lapel of their jackets.

Budget – A realistic financial assessment that your travel agent will help you stay within as you plan your honeymoon.

Cancellation Penalty – A fee that is charged to customers who cancel after booking reservations.

Two men dressed in suits with boutonnieres.
Boutonniere: A single flower worn by a groom or groomsmen on the left lapel of their jackets.

Connecting Flights – Flights that require you to transfer from one plane to another. It’s wise to give yourself at least one hour in between, in case your original flight is delayed or your connecting flight is in another terminal.

Consolidator – A business that has contracts with airlines to sell tickets in bulk discounted rates.

Cummerbund – A broad, decorative sash worn around a man's waist to hide his beer belly.

DWDestination Wedding – A wedding not taking place in the bride’s or groom’s current location or home town.

DWHS – Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Specialist – A certified travel agent who knows destinations backwards and forwards and can help you get hitched without a hitch.

Electronic Ticket - A paperless mobile phone ticket that allows you to fly with only your photo ID (as long as you remember to bring your cellphone).

Familymoons – Destination weddings and honeymoons that include parents and other family members.

Favors - Small gifts given to guests at a wedding to thank them for their attendance. Or, all of those extra special things your travel agent scores for you at no extra charge (free upgrades, bottle of champagne, shipboard credit, etc.)

Friendmoons - Honeymoons where the couple’s closest friends accompany them on the trip.

Global Distribution System (GDS) – An international computer reservation system travel agents exclusively use to access and complete bookings.

Honor Attendants - The best man and the maid of honor. 

Hub – A city in which an airline has a major presence. Also, a term of affection the wife may call the husband post ceremony.

Land Arrangements - Reservations you need once you’re off the plane at your destination, such as car rental, train tickets, sightseeing excursions, hotel rooms or dinner reservations.

Women toasting with glasses of champagne at a wedding.
Favors: All those things your travel agent scores for you at no extra charge like a bottle of champagne.

Limited Service Hotel – A hotel without a restaurant on the grounds. 

MAP - Modified American Plan – A hotel or resort meal plan that includes two daily meals, usually breakfast and dinner.

Non-Refundable – A ticket where no money will be returned if the customer does not use the ticket.

Non-Transferable – A ticket that can only be used by the person scheduled to fly at the time of purchase.

Nonstop – A flight that travels directly to its destination without connections or layovers; also, the amount of nagging the groom will hear if he forgets to bring the wedding rings.

Off-Peak/Off-Season – A less expensive time to travel to certain destinations, typically due to changing weather.

Officiant - The clergy or official that conducts the ceremony; can include a justice of the peace, magistrate or even the captain of a ship (when onboard).

OOTG Out of Town Guest.

Personal Effects Coverage – Additional car rental insurance that covers the loss of personal property from a rented vehicle.

Rack Rate - The price of a hotel prior to group or other discounts.

Service Fee – A well-earned fee charged by some (but definitely not all) travel agents to pay for their expertise and hard work.

Suite – A hotel room that usually offers a living room and kitchenette in addition to the bedroom.

Swim-Up Suite – Hotel rooms with your very own romantic pool right outside the door.

RD - Rehearsal Dinner.

Couple looking at airplane tickets at the airport.
Electronic Tickets: A paperless mobile phone ticket that allows you to fly with only your photo ID. Just remember to take your phone.

Red-Eye Flight – An overnight or late-night flight; or a flight where everyone onboard watches “Beaches” and leaves the plane in tears. 

Shoulder Season – The brief period of time between busy and quiet seasons in which prices are typically at a midpoint.

Significant Other (S.O.) – Husbands, wives, fiancés or boyfriends/girlfriends of your guests, or in your case, your fiancé. 

Travel Insurance – A wide range of plans that protect your vacation investment and provide you with medical assistance if needed at your destination.

Travel Agent – Your friendly, experienced ally who there’s for you before, during and after your honeymoon. Also known as expert, concierge, specialist, counselor and all around “save the day-er.” 

True Love – Never having to say you’re sorry. 

Tulle - A fine mesh made from nylon, silk or rayon used for bridal veils, wedding gowns and decor.

Wedding Moon – A combination of a wedding, reception and honeymoon together in one location; also, a sight your Uncle Charlie might provide during the ceremony if he forgot his belt again.

WP or WC - Wedding Planner or Coordinator – An on-site representative at the resort or destination that your agent will work with to execute your dream wedding plans.



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