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Save Your Destination Wedding and Honeymoon

5 Ways a Travel Agent Can Rescue Them

So you’ve decided that one place to cut costs is by planning your destination wedding and honeymoon travel yourself. It sounds easy enough, so you hop online and compare a dozen flight times, 21 resorts, three car rental options, 16 possible restaurants, 17 nearby romantic excursions, two travel insurance providers with confusing policies…

Okay, maybe it’s not so easy. There are thousands of options that go into every trip, and being the one to keep track of them all—on top of planning your wedding—is a one-way ticket to Headachesville. That’s why it pays to work with an experienced travel agent.

Here are just a few ways a travel agent could save your trip.

You book the most affordable city tour with a company you found off Google, but then your guide arrives late in an old van with no air conditioning.

1. You book the most affordable city tour with a company you found off Google, but then your guide arrives late in an old van with no air conditioning. 
To keep their clients safe and happy, travel agents only book with the most reputable companies. They’ve worked with these companies for years and have even experienced the tours and products first hand, so you know exactly what to expect—with no old van surprises.

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Affordable But Reputable: Travel Agents pair travelers with established, well-known companies. 

2. You schedule your own transfers from the airport to your cruise port, but when you arrive, the company is backed up and may not get you there on time.
An agent will book your transfers with a reliable company that has the inventory to withstand high volumes, all while giving you plenty of time to get to your destination. And if you are late, your agent can use their contacts in the cruise industry to confirm that the ship will wait for you before departing.

3. You book a stay at a resort that boasts it is all-inclusive, only to find when you arrive that gratuities, the good drinks and the better on-site restaurants all cost extra.
Again, travel agents tend to book their clients at resorts they’ve actually spent time at or toured extensively during a training trip, so they know exactly what’s included and what’s not. And since they’ve worked with these resorts before, they can sometimes secure bonus gifts or free spa treatments to make your stay exceed expectations.

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All-Inclusive Resorts: Get the 4-1-1 from people who've stayed there.

4. You choose a room through the hotel website, but when you arrive you find out that ocean view means you can sort of see the waves between two tall buildings.
Oceanfront and ocean view are not interchangeable terms. The travel industry is filled with odd terminology and specialized lingo that can be confusing to some. An experienced agent knows exactly what you’ll get with each room category.

5. You create your own itinerary that accounts for every minute of your trip, and then regret that you have no free time to explore the area once you arrive.
Creating the ideal travel itinerary is an art form. Travel agents recognize the importance of spontaneity, so they will pad your itinerary with free time to follow your whims and chase after spur-of-the-moment adventures, while still hitting all the highlights of your destination.

Travel agents are not just there to help you find a great deal and make your reservations. They are your trusted ally throughout the entire planning process, as well as during your trip and once you return. Because they want you to be a client for life, so they’ll do everything possible to make your travel truly dream-fulfilling.