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10 Questions to Ask Potential Travel Agents

How to Find the One

When you first met your significant other, you didn’t know if this person was “the one” until you asked the right questions: What do you do for a living? How many cats do you have? Which Game of Thrones character best represents you? No, seriously…how many cats do you have?

Likewise, you should ask potential travel agents some questions to make sure they’re “the one” to plan your honeymoon or destination wedding. Because while all travel agents have tons of experience customizing travel packages around their clients’ preferences and desires, their areas of expertise differ. So keep this list handy to find your perfect match!

How many destination weddings/honeymoons have you booked? 

This question will give you a good idea about their experience level. Don’t automatically discount someone who hasn’t booked a destination wedding—they might have tons of large group travel planning experience instead, which involves similar skills, or they know massive amounts of info on the destination you’re interest in. 

Have you booked others to our destination?

A talented travel agent can find you the perfect resort by simply learning about you, regardless of the destination, but they’re always going to have more tips, tricks and connections at locations they’ve been to or booked frequently. 

How many agents are in your agency?  

A single travel agent can do an amazing job booking a complex itinerary. But if you’re concerned about needing backups or additional agents to help your boisterous, ever-expanding Greek family arrive on time, then you should ask about their team. 

Where Do You Want to Go post-it, a passport and a map of the U.S. that says, 'explore.'
Agents: Number of agents available may be helpful to know if you need assistance with a complex itinerary. 

How long have you been in business?

Your destination wedding or honeymoon is not the time to give your pal Betsey, who’s trying out her new career in travel, her first gig. One of the main benefits of working with a travel agent is taking advantage of their years of globetrotting experience, which Betsey will have one day… just not yet. An agent with years of experience will have the experience to handle the many, many details of your travels.

How will you work with my wedding guests?

It’s important to understand how the agent will handle planning travel for Aunt Sarah’s brood in New Mexico and Grandma in Duluth who needs a wheelchair at the airport. Will they send out a form to get everyone started? Call them individually? It’s best to find out so you can put the details on your wedding website.

Are there any fees?

Many travel agents do not charge any fees for their consulting and travel planning, while others charge a manageable service fee. If you should select someone who does, know that the service fee generally pays for their expertise, which they use to find you the best deals and secure special upgrades, so it’s totally worth it. And those who charge fees upfront may also apply it to the cost of your trip.

What if an emergency arises?

In the off chance that an emergency arises, such as an illness or a tropical storm, or even if your honeymoon suite looks nothing like the one on the website and the manager is MIA, you’ll want someone available 24/7 to answer the phone or reply to your text. Travel agents are there for you before, during and after your journey, so they can typically help you no matter what.

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Know Your Agent: Ask them about their favorite vacay and how they would add romance to your travel itinerary.

What’s your favorite style of vacation?

Do you like sleeping in a yurt or want to go kayaking in Madagascar? You might not be the best fit for an agent who prefers sitting with a novel alongside the Thames River. Your agent doesn’t need to be exactly like you, but if you have out-of-the-ordinary romantic travel notions, it helps to find an agent who shares your passions. 

How do you add in romance?

If the agent is a destination wedding or honeymoon specialist, ask what they do to ensure hearts are kept fluttering for all the right reasons. Most likely they’ll use their longstanding relationship with your resort to secure you special experiences, like a bottle of chilled champagne waiting in your room or a couples’ massage on the beach the day after your wedding. Then again, maybe it’s better not to ask this question so you don’t spoil the surprise! 


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