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Real Wedding Adventure: Lisa Says Yes to the Dress

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress

In the next chapter of our Real Wedding Adventure, we follow Lisa as she tries to make one of the most important and hardest decisions a bride-to-be faces… choosing the perfect wedding dress. It’s an essential part of her and Jordan’s process in planning their destination wedding at The Grand at Moon Palace in Riviera Maya. And as you’ll soon read, it was quite an overwhelming experience since she was determined to find the best dress for her walk down the aisle on December 3, 2018. In her own words, Lisa describes her memorable day of wedding dress shopping with family and friends.

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable destination wedding.
Wedding Dress Shopping: Lisa makes a trip with her family and bridal party to Posh Bridal Boutique to make a big decision... choose the perfect wedding dress.

The day was finally here! After countless hours of saving images on Pinterest and taking yoga sculpting classes, I felt ready to find my wedding dress. I’ve dreamed about this moment since I was a little girl, so I was nervous that the day wouldn’t live up to the fantasy I created in my mind for many years. I invited my mom, mother-in-law, two sisters and 3 bridesmaids that live in the Twin Cities area to commemorate this event with me. 

Thoughts flooded my mind as we drove to Posh Bridal Boutique in Wayzata, Minn., like:

“What if I don’t like any of the dresses?”

“What if I fall in love with a dress that’s WAY too expensive?”

“What if I don’t have that ‘ah-ha’ moment?”

After we got to the shop and we were greeted with champagne… my anxiety faded a little. The shop was filled with beautiful dresses and our eyes grew wider and jaws dropped as we started to look around.

I was introduced to Alex, my personal dress concierge for the day. She casually started to ask questions about me, my fiancé Jordan and our wedding to get a feel for how to personalize my shopping experience. She asked me what I liked and I showed her a few photos I had saved from Pinterest. After talking for a few minutes, she said she wanted to have me try on a variety of different dresses so I would leave feeling confident that I tried on several styles and when I finally picked one… it was truly the ONE! Alex picked out dresses in my pre-determined price range while my bridal party and I sat on plush couches and chairs, waiting in anticipation.

After she selected a few, I headed to the fitting room to get started. As I tried each one on, I had to step out of the room because there was no mirror, and of course, everyone wanted to see every dress. It was fun to see their reaction before my own reaction. The first dress I tried on was flowy, gorgeous and an ideal style for a beach wedding. It felt amazing trying on that first dress, but I continued to try more styles, including some I didn’t think I loved. With help from my family and friends, I narrowed down the choices based on style and fabric, but to be honest I didn’t feel a “this is the one” moment.

Finally, I had to chat with Alex to determine how much I’d have to spend (over my budget) to find the ideal wedding dress. She took me over to a more expensive rack and I tried on a dress $1,000 over my budget. When I got out to the mirror, I started to get emotional because I didn’t want to like one of the dresses from the expensive rack. Once I got myself together, I examined the dress and decided while it’s beautiful, it really wasn’t what I was looking for.  We went back to the agreed upon budget and kept looking, but I started to feel defeated… like I wasn’t going to find a dress today especially after trying on so many dresses, including a very simple white lace dress that I liked, but just didn’t love. And I could tell that my family and friends didn’t like it very much either, and even after a second try with a vail and jewelry, it still didn’t have that wow factor you want to feel as a bride.

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable destination wedding.
The Perfect Dress: Alex helps Lisa find a few dresses to try on based on her personal preference and style, while her family and friends offer their critiques.  

Alex and I headed back to the fitting room and she said, “Let’s try one more.”  She had brought a few dresses in the room, picked one from the pile…. another dud. I went back to the room thinking today was a total bust. Then I saw a dress that had been sitting there. I asked Alex if I could try it on, and although she was worried that I would become too overwhelmed, I went for it anyway.

This was my make or break moment! I walked out to the mirror with low expectations ready to leave for the day. Before I got to the mirror I saw my sister’s eyes tear up. As I scanned the girls I saw more people’s eyes start to well up with tears, but everyone was quiet until I saw the dress. By the time I got to the mirror my bridal entourage was already wiping their eyes. They obviously liked it, but would I?  I turned around and gazed at myself in this gorgeous gown.  Alex asked me, “do you feel like a bride?”

My recommendation is to go with only 2 or 3 people first, so you feel less pressure to find and buy a dress on the same day.

My answer was, “Yes!” I started to tear up a little as Alex put a vail on me and handed me a bouquet. I should’ve said yes then, but we decided to head to another bridal shop that was much more of a DIY shopping experience – no dice after an hour of looking around on our own. We left, ate lunch and I made the decision to go back to Posh, where I finally said, “Yes to the dress.” 

It was such a memorable experience! I loved having my friends and family there, but it was very overwhelming at times. My recommendation is to go with only 2 or 3 people first, so you feel less pressure to find and buy a dress on the same day. 

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