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Real Wedding Adventure: Lisa and Jordan Get Engaged!

Follow the Happy Couple as They Plan Their Destination Wedding

At Vacation, we admit it, we’re suckers for a couple in love, especially if they’re about to tie the knot. Yeah, we know it’s sounds sappy, but we love LOVE! And over the next year, we thought it would be fun to follow a couple as they plan their big day… from start to finish. It just so happens that we found a cute couple we hope you’ll love as much as we do.

Drumroll… we want to introduce you to Lisa and Jordan – two college sweethearts who fell in love, and now, they’re planning their destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico. This happy couple – both 27 years old – currently live in Minneapolis. And what will make their wedding extra special is that they are allowing us to go along for the ride. That’s right… we’re taking you inside their real wedding adventure (emphasis on the real).

You’ll get to see the couple choose their colors, pick their invitations, create their guest list, and select the perfect venue for their big celebration on December 3, 2018. And you can follow and watch it all unfold with daily posts on Instagram and detailed blog posts from the couple right here on Vacation.

We’re super excited for Lisa and Jordan, and of course, we wanted to share the details on how the couple got engaged, from their own perspectives. See if their stories match up in this tale of a bike pedaling proposal. You’re gonna love this real wedding adventure!

Vacation is following Lisa and Jordon on the real wedding adventure from the engagement to their wedding day!
#RealWeddingAdventures: Join us as we follow Lisa and Jordan -- from planning their destination wedding to their big day, December 3, 2018! 

The Engagement
Jordan’s View

The idea of popping the question came when my brother and I were up late one night during a family trip to Mexico. We were talking about marriage and how he asked my sister-in-law to marry him. During most of our conversation, all I could think of was how nervous I was about moving to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-St. Paul) to be with Lisa. We had been dating for three years, and I decided to ask her to marry me.  

I waited for almost eight months before I popped the question in the spring (May 21, 2017) … not in the fall as I had initially planned. I decided to wait. But before that, I remember asking her dad for his permission to marry Lisa. To this day, I think Rich (Lisa’s dad) thinks I made a special trip to Lake City, Minn., to ask him for his permission, but it was really to work around their place… which I love. Well, after he gave me his permission to marry her, I eventually told my family, her family and all of her closest friends.

Some of Lisa’s friends thought I was going to ask her in January after our skydiving adventure in Florida while we were on vacation.  That wasn’t the case at all. The day I popped the question… well, it wasn’t the best weather out by any means, but I had to go through with it. I had already planned to have family and friends meet us at the Green Room restaurant after I proposed, and her best friend, Ashley, had flown in from Los Angeles to celebrate our engagement. In fact, Ashley had to go the whole weekend without seeing Lisa because just knowing she was in town would have ruined the big surprise. Anyway, Lisa, two of our friends and I went biking near Browns Creek Trail in her hometown… Stillwater, Minn. We started our bike ride about an hour later than we should have, but we decided to stop and take photos together; well, at least the girls did.

Jordon pops the question and proposes to Lisa while on a bike ride in Stillwater, Minn.
Will You Marry Me?  Jordan proposes to Lisa during a quick pitstop along a bike path in Stillwater, Minn.

One of our friends, Michelle, asked if we wanted to take a photo together. She was setting up the big moment, but I played along, hesitating and then asking, “Do we really have to take a picture?” But as Michelle is taking a picture, which was supposed to be captured on video, I started to say some stuff like “over the years” and all of the other things I wanted to say during that heart-pumping moment. I remember my voice getting shaky as a I got down on one knee, while I was also struggling to get the ring out of my pocket and ask her. It was perfect… and she was balling!  

But the surprise wasn’t over yet! I told Lisa that we needed to go grab drinks to celebrate. We went to a restaurant where I had arranged for all of our family and friends to greet us with a big surprise. Yep, she lost it again. LOL!

Lisa’s View

We had just moved to the Minneapolis area from southeast Minnesota. We were living together with friends until we found our own place.  Jordan and I had been dating shy of 5 years. We never lived together, so living in a house with four people for a few months, moving to a new city and starting new jobs had me preoccupied. The last thing was thinking was, “Maybe I’ll get engaged soon.”

I remember being stressed and telling Jordan about it a few days before the engagement. He said he was stressed, too. I snapped back, “What do you even have to be stressed about?” Little did I know he had been hiding my engagement ring in this small room we were currently living in. He had been carrying it around in is backpack to and from work over a two-week period; so, I wouldn’t find it by accident. 

Lisa says 'Yes' after Jordan proposes to her on a bike ride in Stillwater, Minn.
And her answer was... Well, it was "yes" of course, but Lisa didn't realize that Jordan was about to reveal another surprise. 

The night before we got engaged we hung out with some friends and it turned into a later night than expected. We had planned to go biking along the river in Stillwater on Sunday.  When the morning came, we were tired. It was raining and gloomy. I mentioned, “we can go biking another day.” But Jordan and our friends were adamant about going. So, a few minutes before we left, I threw on some sweats, didn’t put any make up on and headed out the door. I was researching the bike trails while we were driving. Little did I know… Jordan had already been to Stillwater and found a trail prior to our trip there. As we started biking, it got nicer outside.  So, I wanted to go further. When we were almost back to where we started, my friends said, “Let’s take a photo.” I thought nothing of it. Then I said “Jordan, let’s take one, too.” We are the worst with getting photos of us together. So, Jordan came over to take a photo and grabbed my hands. He started nervously swinging them and his voice started to shake. Something I hadn’t seen since our first few dates. Honestly, I kind of blacked out to the words coming out of his mouth. I was just in shock and kept saying, “OMG is this real? Stop! Is this happening?” 

When he got on one knee I knew it was real. My eyes started to water with happy tears. He pulled out a white box with a beautiful ring and asked me to marry him. I of course said, “YES”!  The feeling was exciting and overwhelming. I told Jordan and our friends, "Let’s just go grab lunch and a drink before we call our family and friends." We headed into this bar restaurant on the river. When I came in the bartender said, “Are you with the party?” I replied, “Nope it’s just us four.” I was in front and preoccupied by trying to find the bathroom and I walked into the back room to all my closest friends and family yelling, “Congratulations!” The tears came out again as I was flooded with emotions from all the events and love I felt. I went around hugging friends when I noticed by best friend, Ashley that lives in Los Angles was there. Yet another surprise! She flew in just for the engagement. It was the biggest surprise of my life.

That’s how the proposal went down… wait until you find out how they met! Until then, you can follow Lisa and Jordan and get regular updates to watch their wedding day plans unfold on Instagram!  

Lisa shows off her new engagement ring to her best friend Ashley in Stillwater, Minnesota.
Besties Share a Moment: Lisa and her best friend Ashley pose to show off her engagement ring.

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