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Real Wedding Adventure: How Lisa and Jordan Met

Becoming a Couple and Saying, "I Love You"

Last week, we shared Jordan’s and Lisa’s perspectives on how the proposal went down, and this week, we’re sharing their story on how they first met in Mankato, Minn., more than 5 years ago. And don’t forget to follow Lisa and Jordan on Instagram as they plan their destination wedding for December. For now, find out how the Lisa + Jordan love story started.

How They Met
Jordan’s View

It all started when the quarterback met the cheerleader… okay, well not every relationship is like a scene from the TV show Friday Night Lights. During my freshman year at Minnesota State University, I saw Lisa running around the school track. Even though I always had my eyes on her, we only talked to each other once during the next two years. It wasn’t until I saw her at a party that I finally had the courage to speak to her. I can still remember what she was wearing. I had a few drinks – thank you liquid courage – but she wasn’t drinking because she had a track meet in the morning. All it took for me to pursue Lisa was her friend saying, “Jordan, she thinks you’re cute.”

Jordan and I on your second date seeing the Kiwanis Holidays Lights in Sibley Park.

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After that night, we talked a few times at a bar. Eventually, we got each other’s numbers and started talking on the phone. We continued seeing each other at the bar and at other events, including WeFest. But I remember one day I was going to ask her to be my girlfriend before I went to work. I showed up at her apartment with a CD I made with some of our favorite songs, tickets to see country singer Eric Church and flowers. After I asked her to be my girlfriend, guess what she said? “Nope.” Denied! But she added, “OK, well not right now.” She thought we needed to hang out more, and I agreed with her. We both tried playing “hard to get” for a while, but eventually, we devoted more time and energy into spending more time together.  

Fast forward four months… I asked her again – and she finally said, “Yes.”

One of my favorite memories with her was going on our Senior Trip with a group of 18 people. We went to Cabo San Lucas and had the best time! It’s also where I first said those three words the first night… and yes, she told me she loved me, too. From there, the rest is history and here we are 5+ years later!

Lisa’s View

Jordan’s story is pretty accurate. He had a class with one of my besties, Michelle, and would tell her about his crush on me, and Michelle also knew I had a crush on him. The perfect matchmaker, she helped arrange our first date which included half-off appetizers at Applebee’s – ah, college life! We got along, but we weren’t really looking for a relationship. It took us a little under a year before we moved from the crush/infatuation phase to something more serious. And when we did… boy, did we hit the honeymoon phase pretty hard. We fell for each other fast. College ended, and we had to go through the real-life transition into adulthood. We got engaged after dating about 4.5 years on May 21, 2017. 

You’ve heard how Lisa and Jordan met and how the proposal went down. Continue to follow the happy couple on Instagram  (and right here on Vacation) for regular updates that include choosing their invitations, creating their guest list, and more… all leading up to their destination wedding on December 3, 2018. And we can’t wait!  


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