A Vacation travel expert can help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon to a picturesque beach in Mexico.

Quiz: Which Mexico Beach is Best for Your Honeymoon Style?

Discover the Perfect Destination for Both of You

If you’re considering a sun-filled beach atmosphere for your honeymoon, Mexico may be on your short list, considering it’s the #1 honeymoon destination selected by U.S. couples. Not only is it easy to travel to from anywhere in the U.S., but also it offers so many options to unwind after a stressful wedding planning process. But with so many amazing options, how do you narrow down the perfect place that will make you and your fiancée happy? Let Vacation help you find the best beach town based on your travel style. Take our quiz to determine which Mexico destination – Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, or Riviera Maya – is right for you!

Still can’t decide if Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta or Riviera Maya is the right honeymoon destination for you? We’ve created a list for each destination with a few highlights to consider, including their vibe, attractions and activities. Your beach oasis awaits!


Perfect for couples who enjoy everything from parasailing to zip-lining while retiring to a high-rise hotel overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Honeymooners who enjoy a locale known for its vibrant nightlife won’t be disappointed here!

Geography: Northeast Coast of the Caribbean Sea, White Sand Beaches and Turquoise Waters
Known For: Action, Nightlife and Shopping
Top Activities: Zip Lining, Boat Tours and Parasailing

Los Cabos

Perfect for couples who understand the balance between relaxation and activity. After a day of golfing, deep sea fishing or an adrenaline-pumping desert tour, you’ll feel as though you’ve earned that afternoon cocktail on the beach and a rejuvenating couple’s massage.

Geography: Southern Tip of the Baja Peninsula, Desert Climate, Sea of Cortez and Scenic Beaches
Known For: El Arco, Lands End, Spas and Nightlife
Top Activities: Sunset Dinner Cruises with Breathtaking Views, Whale Watching and Desert Tours

Puerto Vallarta

Perfect for couples who want to spend an immersive honeymoon on the Pacific Riviera, exploring museums, visiting landmarks, trying local culinary delights or taking an unforgettable whale-watching boat tour.

Geography: Pacific Riviera, Mountains and Lush Vegetation
Known For: Cultural Activities, Cobblestone Streets and Authentic Food
Top Activities: Surfing, Whale & Dolphin Watching, ATV Tours and Zip Lining

Riviera Maya

Perfect for couples who enjoy the ultimate resort experience with amazing views of the Caribbean Sea. You’ll also enjoy exploring cenotes, small towns and Mayan ruins located only a few feet from beautiful white sand beaches. 

Geography: Caribbean Sea, Palm Trees, and White Sand Beaches
Known For: Relaxation, Sprawling Resorts and Small Towns
Top Activities: Mayan Ruins, Catamaran Cruises and Cenotes

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