Couple taking a selfie on the beach.

Honeymoon Destinations Go Head-to-Head

Which One Will Win Your Honeymooning Heart?

When you have a world of choices -- like honeymooners literally do -- making that final decision of where to spend your first vacation as a married couple is a tough one. Often you’ve narrowed it down to two destinations that have similar styles or are both in a region of the world you want to venture to, but it’s getting so hard to choose that you start looking for a coin to flip. 

Fear not. We’ve put the top honeymoon destinations up against each other to see how they stack up. Two destinations enter—one leaves. Keep reading to find your winner. 


  • Trendy high-rise beachfront hotels with thumping pool parties
  • Bright, turquoise water and white-sand beaches filled with parasailers and jet skiers
  • Extensive shopping, outrageous nightlife and unlimited local excursions 
    Choose if: Looking for dance the night away with some urban flair and upscale nightlife.
Woman having a drink in Cancun, Mexico.
Cancun, Mexico

vs. Riviera Maya

  • South of Cancun, includes Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel 
  • Sprawling all-inclusive resorts ranging from gourmet focused to family friendly
  • Easy access to ancient Mayan culture, like beachfront Tulum 
    Choose if: You are a beach lover looking to chill with a margarita or an explorer ready to rock the ruins.
Tulum beach, Riviera Maya, Mexico
Riviera Maya, Mexico 


  • Intimate beachfront hotels that keep their distance from other properties
  • Home to jerk chicken, reggae music and world-famous rum
  • Adventures a plenty—rainforests, Dunn’s River Falls, Blue Mountains 
    Choose if: You want a laid back vibe, a place to just relax with a Red Stripe and let your worries melt away.

Couple walking on the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
Montego Bay, Jamaica

vs. Punta Cana

  • Miles of beaches dotted with palm trees and sun-worshippers
  • All-inclusive resorts for every budget, often next to world-class golf courses
  • History abounds in nearby Santo Domingo or at old sugarcane plantations
  • Choose if: You are looking an active sun-and-fun destination to make a million new memories.

Person sitting on a tree in Punta Cana, Mexico.
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Cabo San Lucas

  • Celebrity hot spot with tons of nightlife
  • One of the world’s top locales for golfing and deep sea fishing
  • High-end all-inclusive and villa resorts, set in a dry, desert climate
    Choose if: You want to hang with the rich and famous, kayak through the Arch and snag a 9-foot marlin.
Rocks during sunset in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

vs. Aruba

  • Flawless weather, water and beaches, which are often a haven to flamingoes
  • A divers’ paradise with average water visibility of 50-100ft
  • Sweet terrain to rev your engine with ATV and jeep rides through the desert landscape
  • Choose if: You love sand in your shoes and have adventure in your soul.
Man swimming with sea turtle in Aruba.

St. Lucia

  •  Luxury resorts, colorful boutique hotels, volcanic beaches and reef-diving sites
  • Home to the mighty (and quite photogenic) Pitons, along with lush rainforests
  • A natural haven for adventure seekers and outdoorsy types
    Choose if: You’re looking for a Caribbean playground with South Pacific scenery. 
Let one of Vacation's travel specialists help plan your amazing honeymoon in St. Lucia.
St. Lucia

vs. Puerto Vallarta

  • A mecca where verdant mountains meet the dreamy Pacific coast
  • Historic, picturesque downtown with quirky shops and to-die-for food
  • Home to the Malecon, a world-famous boardwalk lined with theatres, art galleries and bars
  • Choose if: You're looking for an enticing coastal town filled with magic and romance
Indios dancing and playing music on the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico  


  • Trendy and historic at the same time, which is a rare feat to pull off
  • Home to the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world
  • Amazing food all over “the boot,” from handmade pastas to sweet gelatos
    Choose if: You want to soak up culture, history and la dolce vita on your honeymoon.
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Amalfi Coast, Italy 

vs. France

  • Sweeping boulevards, outdoor cafes, iconic attractions—it’s the City of Love!
  • A haven for everything fabulous, from fine art to fine wine
  • Choose from fast-paced, fashionable cities to romantic, laid-back villages
  • Choose if: You’re craving cosmopolitan Paris, Bordeaux wines and Provençal cuisine.

Woman takes photo of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
Paris, France


  • Six breathtaking islands, each offering a unique blend of natural beauty and engaging culture
  • Stay busy surfing, golfing, whale-watching, helicopter riding and luau-ing
  • A scenic paradise filled with active volcanoes, deep canyons and spectacular cliffs
    Choose if: The warm embrace of the Aloha spirit is calling your name.
Let one of Vacation's travel specialists help plan your amazing honeymoon in Hawaii.

vs. Tahiti

  • Recognized as one of the most stunning island destinations in the world
  • Luxurious bungalows perched over mint-hued waters or hidden in lush rainforests
  • Welcoming Polynesian culture you’ll immediately fall in love with
  • Choose if: You want to disconnect from the daily grind and be sung to sleep by the ocean breeze.

A honeymoon couple drinking a cocktail on the beach of a luxury vacation resort in the lagoon with a view on the tropical island of Bora Bora, near Tahiti, in French Polynesia.
Bora Bora: Island near Tahiti

Travel Agent

  • Well-traveled globetrotter with personal experiences at these destinations and more
  • Has connections at resorts and cruise lines worldwide, which they use to enhance vacations
  • Available at a moment’s notice if your flights are delayed or your suite’s minibar isn’t filled with your favorite beer
    Choose if: You want a professional ally with your best interests in mind before, during and after your honeymoon. 

vs. DIY

  • Open to spending hours and hours of comparing dozens of resorts in too many destinations that you’ve never been to
  • Likes to read the fine print and cancellation policies
  • Happy to accept full responsibility for the most important vacation of your life
    Choose if: You enjoy reading hundreds of Trip Advisor reviews and have plenty of free time to kill on top of planning your wedding.

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