How to Create an Authentic Mexico Experience for Your Wedding Guests

Infuse Mexican Culture and Style into Your Destination Wedding

Long before she walks down the aisle, brides dreams about the perfect wedding – from finding a fabulous dress to choosing a color theme to picking the perfect venue. In reality, during the wedding planning process, the bride and groom can sometimes forget the real reason for their big day – to celebrate their union with family and friends. And if you’re considering a destination wedding in Mexico, the #1 honeymoon and wedding destination, Vacation has a few pointers on how you can show your guests your appreciation and create an unforgettable experience with a little Mexican-infused panache.

Personalize Your Guest’s Gift Bags with Local Mementos

Family and friends will travel to your destination wedding in Mexico, so, surprise them with a “goodie bag” upon arrival in their hotel room. Think about unique keepsakes that will make your guests remember your big day years after you walk down the aisle. We suggest stocking it with local tequila, a small bag of Mexican wedding cookies, hand-painted maracas or mini-piñata party favors. Work with the concierge or your wedding planner at an all-inclusive resort to get their recommendations on the best local trinkets to include. They can also help you make sure your guests are pampered with in-room extras, such as champagne and a platter of local fresh fruit, not to mention arrange your guest bags so you have less to worry about.

Vacation's travel specialists can hep you plan an unforgettable Mexico-inspired destination wedding.
Personalized Maracas: Create guest gifts bags with Mexican-inspired items, including hand-painted maracas.

Give Your Guests Time to Have Fun and Explore Mexico

For wedding guests, your destination wedding isn’t only about you and your soon-to-be spouse tying the knot, but also it doubles as a fun, immersive vacation. And with that in mind, don’t schedule every minute of their stay. Allow them to have some downtime to experience Mexico, the friendly people and its welcoming culture, especially after they’ve traveled to support you on your special day. Offer an optional tour to explore a Mayan archeological site in Tulum, spend a day snorkeling among green turtles or watching the sunset on a catamaran cruise in Los Cabos. At the very least, let them know what fun activities are available while they’re visiting. And these excursions are not only to explore the destination, but also it allows guests to celebrate, spend time getting to know each other and spend time with you. We always hear from happy brides who talk about how their destination wedding was perfect because they were able to spend so much time with their guests over a few days versus a traditional wedding that usually takes place for one evening. Prior to your arrival, one of Vacation’s expert travel agents can help schedule group tours based on your group’s size and their desired activity level. We want you and your guests to have unforgettable memories about your destination wedding and Mexico that will last a lifetime!

Vacation's travel specialists can hep you plan an unforgettable Mexico-inspired destination wedding.
Cultural Immersion: Give your guests the opportunity to explore Mexico through a tour, fun activities, or popular cultural events such as this International Mariachi and Charros Festival in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Destination Wedding with Mexican Flair

From a casual beach wedding to a formal affair in a local cathedral, Vacation can help you fine-tune the details of an amazing wedding in Mexico. Thinking about planning your nuptials at a luxurious resort? There’s no shortage of those here! Couples will appreciate the perks of planning a wedding at an all-inclusive resort, which typically includes free access to a professional wedding planner, decorations -  such as table linens, flowers, lanterns and chair covers  - all designed with your chosen color palette. Integrate the local flavors into your reception by offering your guests traditional dishes and tasty appetizers. And, infuse as much culture as you want into your ceremony – from the bride wearing a flamenco-style wedding dress and the groom sporting a guayabera to a wedding that adopts aspects of traditional lazos and arras ceremonies.  And to really celebrate in style, include local entertainment in your reception, such as a mariachi band or fire dancers that will capture the attention of all your guests. Ask your travel agent to help arrange any special requests with the wedding planner at your resort to help personalize your storybook destination wedding in Mexico.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about how you can plan an unforgettable destination wedding in Mexico? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with an expert travel agent to customize an itinerary you’re gonna love.

Vacation's travel specialists can hep you plan an unforgettable Mexico-inspired destination wedding.
Mexican Decor: From colorful decorations to traditional cuisine, give your guests a Mexican-inspired wedding and reception they'll always remember.

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