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Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties Get a Modern Makeover

Let’s all breathe a giant sigh of relief that a familiar “naughty” themed bachelorette parties are officially outdated. Modern couples are skipping the default bar scene for something totally different. From extreme adrenaline antics to group getaways and off beat outings, they’re flushing the old bachelor/bachelorette format – the new trend is the “bach” party. Without heteronormative limitations, the options are endless. Whether that’s a sports event or a spa day (cocktails and a clean shave, gentlemen?) these activities are great for anyone. Read on for inspiration on how to curb convention for a boundary—bending party that everyone will enjoy! 

Plan a Getaway

Your bach party is a great reason to jet set somewhere special, and it’s more affordable than you might think. Many resorts offer group rates, or one of Vacation’s expert travel agents can help you find an amazing villa to fit the whole crew. If budget is your main concern, ask us which destinations are the most affordable from your airport and let chance steer your plans. If you let us guide you, you’ll gain a new perspective on options you may not have considered. Plus, we know the best time to book, can save you money, offer you value-added perks (such  as room upgrades, complimentary drink and or food vouchers, etc.), and will offer fantastic suggestions for any city. 

Group of friends at a winery
plan a getaway - With help from a expert travel agent, consider planning a getaway for the entire group, both men and women, to a fun international destination. 

Visit a Different Kind of Bar

If you want quality time with your entourage or an excuse to do something new, a private charter boat is the perfect way to get everyone on the same wavelength—literally. A catamaran or boat cruise works for guys or gals, and it’s easy to customize to your pace. For something low key, bring hors d’oeuvres and cocktail mixers for a scenic sunset cruise. 

If your crew is the more active type, ask the captain about nearby reefs, then hop in the water for a private snorkeling session. Looking for a party? Bring fun floaties and hire a DJ for dancing and drinks on the deck. Whether it’s aquamarine waters of the Caribbean or a more subdued celebration on Lake Como, Italy, a party over water is an easy way to change the setting for something fresh.

Friend taking a plunge into the water after jumping off a boat.
Try a Different Bar - Arrange a charter boat to take you and your friends snorkeling near a reef or a low-key dip near a sandbar. 

Celebrate Co-ed Style

It’s no longer a requirement to separate your bachelor and bachelorette party by men and women; consider a joint party. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, taking a special pre-wedding trip or staying close to home, a co-ed celebration is a fun icebreaker for friends who haven’t yet met to get to know each other before the big day. If you’re traveling, incorporate local culture with a group cooking class or take salsa classes to learn an impressive number you can show off during your wedding dance. 

A co-ed celebration can also be the perfect opportunity for you to integrate destination-specific activities into your plans, so you don’t miss out on the things you want to do while you’re there. From surfing lessons in Hawaii to temple-trekking in Mexico to zip-ling through the jungle in Costa Rica, almost any outing can be adapted for a mixed group. 

Celebrate co-ed Style -  Consider a joint party. It's no longer a requirement to separate your bachelor or bachelorette party by men and women.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about how you can plan an unforgettable “bach” party? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with an expert travel agent, who can customize a dream itinerary that you deserve.


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