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5 Honeymoons for Every Travel Style

1. Culture Connoisseurs – Euro Trip

Europe is bursting with countless opportunities to experience Michelin-grade cuisine, world-class art and iconic landmarks all in one vacation. Admire an aerial view of Big Ben while you toast a glass of champagne aboard the London Eye, cuddle up on a gondola floating through the canals of Venice, or kiss beneath  the twinkling Eiffel Tower in Paris. With so many romantic options, it’s too hard to choose just one.

Vacation Recommends: Monograms’ 3 Nights in London, 3 Nights in Paris, 3 Nights in Florence and 3 Nights in Rome.

venice, Italy

2. Leisure Seekers – Bora Bora

If a fast-paced honeymoon just isn’t your cup of coconut water, consider French Polynesia instead. Every island looks straight out of a postcard with powdery white-sand beaches and hazy tropical air. Nicknamed the “Pearl of the Pacific,” Bora Bora is a honeymooner’s fantasy. Think private bungalows suspended above vivid turquoise lagoons. This place is built for romance and relaxation.

Vacation recommends: Travel 2 or Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa

Bora Bora
bora bora

3. Thrill Chasers – Thailand

Thailand is fantastic because once you’ve covered the cost of airfare, it doesn’t take much money to live luxuriously. Visit tropical beaches, breathtaking bays and opulent golden temples. Hop on a tuk-tuk and whiz around buzzing neon street markets. As the sun sets, discover a curiously themed restaurant or dance the night away at a booming nightclub. In Thailand, you’ll discover adventure at every turn. 

Vacation recommends: Classic Vacations or The Slate Phuket 


4. Active Explorers – Kauai, Hawaii

There are few things as iconic as honeymooning in Hawaii. Kauai, also known as the “Garden Isle,” is a diverse tropical wonderland with few tourists. Hike winding mountain trails, stand beneath the cool mist of enchanting prismatic waterfalls, discover desolate sandy beaches, and float in undulating sapphire lagoons. When it comes to exploring impossibly photogenic landscapes. Kauai is truly next-level.

Vacation recommends: Pleasant Holidays or Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa Honeymoon Package

kauai, Hawaii

5. Wildlife Wanderers – St. Lucia

Framed in its iconic Piton Mountains, St. Lucia is the wild gem of the Eastern Caribbean. The island is small enough to explore on foot but still large enough to hide a handful of secret beaches, natural thermal pools and vibrant botanical gardens. If you’re looking to spend your honeymoon appreciating the outdoors but aren’t up for anything too extreme, St. Lucia is ithe perfect middle ground.

Vacation recommends: Delta Vacations or Sandals St. Lucia

Determine your honeymoon style with this fun quiz with more ideas for your luxurious post-nuptial vacation. Need more help planning your trip? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with a honeymoon specialist, who can customize the dream honeymoon itinerary you deserve. 

St. Lucia
st. lucia

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