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A Game Plan for Grooms to Pull Their Destination Wedding Weight

Supporting your Significant Other When Planning Your Wedding

Finding the one, buying a ring and getting down on one knee is quite an accomplishment, but now is not the time to stand passively by on the sidelines as your bride-to-be plows through a never ending to-do list for the wedding. You need to pull your weight.

If you aren’t sure how to jump in without trampling your partner’s wedding day visions, we’ve got a game plan that will help you get involved in just the right way.

Pre-Wedding: Kick Off

Time to get your hands dirty… or at least busy dialing numbers and sending emails. One of the challenges in planning a destination wedding is finding vendors that will make your seashell-lined beach wedding visions come true.
Here’s your chance to not only select, but follow up with vendors for:

  • Tuxedo or suit rentals for the wedding party – or matching flip-flops if it’s a beach wedding!
  • A local band or DJ for the ceremony and reception
  • Coordinating special events like a luau in Hawaii, a horse-drawn sleigh ride in Austria or a fireworks display in Greece

Additionally, there will be a lot of coordination with your travel agent and with key people at the resort where you and your guests will be staying. Knowing who you can turn to when your long lost cousin Joe appears, family in tow and in need of a room, can save a lot of stress.

Man tying shoelaces of his dress shoe.
Get Ahead of the Ball: Plan the tux rentals for the wedding party, call the DJ or set-up that Hawaiian luau. 

Wedding: 50 Yard Line

It might seem like the ceremony is the finish line – after all, it’s dubbed “the big day” – but it’s not. 

The Wedding day is a non-stop rollercoaster for the bride, especially in the hours leading up to the ceremony with hair, make up and a whole bridal party to deal with.
As the groom, your time is a little more flexible, assuming you’re skipping hair and makeup! This frees you up for handling last-minute decisions or issues that may arise. And since you’ve been involved in the upfront discussions with the resort, you’ll know just how to handle it all.

The groom can make it his mission to handle these items and give updated reports throughout the day to the bride, via text messages or the bridal party of course. You can provide family:

  • Updates on pending sprinkles or clear skies
  • Updates on changes from shrimp to chicken skewers
  • Updates on the late arrival of Aunt Martha and the on-time delivery of the three-tiered cake
  • Both parents with a glass of champagne to settle their nerves

Additionally, the groom should assign member or friend with the task of helping other guests with directions, recommendations or last-minute needs. Be sure to pass on any local knowledge you garnered over the course of planning to that point person.

Groom holding a bouquet of flowers.
During Game Time: Offer a glass of champagne to calm parents' nerves, provide weather updates and more! 

Post Wedding: Touchdown

Once the final tiki torch has been snuffed, there’s still a list of after-wedding to-do’s that often go overlooked. This is your chance to:

  • Help transport the wedding dress safely back home and return any rented tuxedos
  • Coordinate returning any wedding decor or enlist family members to help transport gifts
  • Provide family and friends details of your honeymoon timeline
  • Check with your travel agent for possible flight delays to your honeymoon destination

So much of wedding planning is about organizing, anticipating events (foreseen and unforeseen), delegating tasks and attention to detail. By taking an active role, you’ll score a touchdown so epic, ESPN will include it in their top-ten list. 

Groom and groomsmen raise beer bottles in a toast.
Post-Wed Celebration: Help out by checking on delayed flights, returning wedding decor and providing honeymoon deets to family.

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