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How to Honeymoon Like a VIP

Getting the Most Bang for Your Honeymoon Bucks

First it was the nice lady at the ticket counter, then the unsuspecting barista at the airport café and the flight attendant right before takeoff. You just can’t help it—you’re telling everyone that it’s your honeymoon!

While the obvious response should be to congratulate you, upgrade you to a grande and pop the cork on a bottle of free champagne, that doesn’t always happen. So it’s time to take matters into your own hands. And by in your own hands, we mean selecting a travel agent with years of honeymoon experience to do all the work for you.

How can a travel agent save you money while turning your honeymoon into a VIP experience? Glad you asked.

Travel gear to pack on a trip.
Travel Like a Pro: Let a travel agent customize your honeymoon into a stellar VIP experience.

Inside Information

As you land at the airport, you’ll have a few Euros on hand to use in the pay bathrooms while the Americans around you look confused. At your all-inclusive resort, you’ll know the tricks to get primo seats on the sunset cruise. And on your multi-country river cruise, you’ll have all necessary visas ready while others struggle to get through security. You’ll know about all these things thanks to the pro advice your travel agent provides before your trip, which will have you walking with a little more swagger than usual during your journey.

Pre-Planned Excursions

The best vacations have that perfect balance of relaxing pool side and diving in to the local culture. Which is why your travel agent will have special adventures pre-planned and built into the itinerary at the best times. Without that upfront work, you might sadly realize on Wednesday that the penguin tour only runs on Monday, or the kayak excursion in Barbados was booked solid before your cruise even left the port. It also means you aren’t relying on Google to tell you what excursions are worth an upgrade, like the small group whale-watching tour in Cabo, and which are just throwing money in the wind, like planning a beach day in St. Thomas the same day six cruise ships will be in port, inundating the beach with passengers.

Beds underneath cabana near the ocean.
Planned Excursions: Relax with by the ocean and mingle with the locals, too.

Customized Transport

Often overlooked in planning our own trips are the small things, like a private car waiting to whisk you away from the airport to your resort. With a travel agent in your corner, there’s no sitting in a stuffy van waiting for others to board or standing in a mile-long line for a taxi. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for a sign with your new Mr. and Mrs. title, then enjoy a ride to your fabulous accommodations in the comfort of a temperature-controlled car. Additionally, some upscale resorts offer private cars which you might never know about. How about a Rolls-Royce to whisk you off to a romantic dinner? It’s possible at The Four Seasons in Los Angeles and your travel agent has the inside scoop! 

Woman waiting for a cab.
Don't Wait: Have a private car ready to whisk you away!

Upgrades & Bonus Amenities

Room upgrades don’t magically appear, no matter how many hints you drop at the front desk during check in, unless you’re a travel agent with a longstanding connection to the resort. They use that sway to secure special bonuses at the hotel or cruise ship, like money to spend during your stay, exclusive access to private lounge areas, free dinner at the better on-site restaurants and even those magical room upgrades—all at no additional charge for you. 


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