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6 Things Travel Agents Need to Know About Your Wedding and Honeymoon

Let the Pros Handle It!

Like an iceberg or a Wes Anderson film, there’s more to organizing your destination wedding and honeymoon than meets the eye. You have to juggle travel planning, guest lists, weather predictions, wedding packages, your families’ reservations, dress fittings and much, much more, all on top of that pesky life-work stuff that keeps getting in the way. 

So you make the right choice and hand the reigns of this crazy ride over to an expert—the travel agent—letting him or her take the enormous burden of travel planning off your plate to make the rest more easily digestible for you. But before you dash away to finish wedding preparations, your agent will need some key information to keep this ride moving in the right direction.

Here’s a checklist of the questions you should be prepared to answer:

How many guests are you expecting? 

Will Uncle Charlie bring that hippie girlfriend with the butterfly neck tattoo or not? Doesn’t matter. Even if you don’t have a final headcount yet, a general number gives your agent enough information to reserve a block of rooms at lower rates or to begin researching available seats on flights that make sense for your wedding date.

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Guests: A general number of attendees and where they are traveling from is always helpful to a travel agent.

Where will the majority of your guests be traveling from? 
If many of your guests are traveling from the same location, it can be a great time and money saver to have them on the same flights, sharing the same car service and, of course, starting the celebration early. Your travel agent can also plan to have key guests meet up at a centralized airport to finish the journey together.

Should the resort be family friendly or adults only? 

If you’ve noted on your invitations that this is an adult-only affair, it makes sense for your agent to keep that theme going. It’d be a rude surprise if your nieces and nephews showed up only to discover that the resort has a no-kids’ policy.

Woman planning details on her laptop at her desk.
Planning: VIP guests, budget range and an adults-only or kid-friendly destination wedding are factors to consider.

Is there a budget range to stay within for guests? 

When it comes to travel styles, it’s helpful to know if your main guests prefer first class seats with champagne or road trips with Pretzel Meltz from Sheetz. Your agent doesn’t care either way; she just wants to have the ideal match lined up for your guests to travel however they wish.

Which guests should be treated like VIPs?

As much as you love all your guests, your parents and BFFs should still get preferential treatment. Give your travel agent your VIP list so that she can secure room upgrades, special dinners or in-room gifts. Conversely, let your agent know if anyone’s on your VUP list (that’d be Very Unimportant People), just so she can book these guests at the opposite end of the resort.

Honeymooners looking out from a car.
Honeymooners: Will you stay in the same location or venture beyond the site of your destination wedding?

Will you be taking your honeymoon straight from the destination wedding location? 

Some couples stay at their wedding destination for their honeymoon, others transfer to a private part of the island away from their family, while others jet off to a completely new locale to start their co-life adventures. Different travel plans will need to be made for each option, so keep your agent in the know.

After you’ve answered these questions, you’ll find they make for a great FAQ’s section of your destination wedding website! People are curious about who’s coming, what to expect and how they should book everything. A personalized destination wedding website is a great place to provide contact information for your travel agent, who will be in prime position to coordinate travel plans with all your guests, now that he/she knows the answers to these important questions. There are plenty of options to choose from, ranging from free (Minted, Wix, WeddingWire, Knot) to those with minimal fees (BesideYouForever, Wedsite, WedBuddy).


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