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Planning Your Destination Wedding

The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

Many brides and grooms have always dreamed of planning their wedding. What they didn’t plan on was how busy their lives would be when it came time to do so. It’s difficult trying on dresses and choosing floral arrangements in between fulltime jobs, law school, “Gilmore Girls” marathons and hitting the gym.

So they decide on a destination wedding, knowing how the all-inclusive resort wedding packages will simplify the decision making. But this adds an extra layer of obstacles as the countless details of travel planning rear their complicated heads.

Fear not – travel agents are here to save the wedding day, and here’s exactly how.

They’re Masters at Travel Planning

There are a ton of details to even the simplest of vacations. You have to keep track of confirmation numbers, hotel rooms, currency exchanges, packing lists, activities, ground transportation, meals and more… or you could let someone else handle it all for you. Travel agents thrive on these details, keeping them all lined up so that your destination wedding goes off without a hitch.

They’re Masters at Group Planning

Take the complexities of international travel, then multiply them by the number of people attending your wedding. Does your head calculator hurt yet? Travel agents have experience with group travel planning, so they can make sure Aunt Jo’s room is wheelchair accessible, and that each room booked has enough beds for all the bigger families. Plus, all the guests will contact the travel agent if something goes wrong—and not you!

They’re Masters at Destination Wedding Planning

When you’re working with a Destination Wedding & Honeymoon specialist, you’re dealing with a maestro who knows the ins and outs of resort wedding packages like the back of their well-traveled hands. They can make sure that Gigi the vegan has plenty of options, as well as provide invaluable guidance on floral arrangements, welcome packages and age-appropriate group activities for your guests.

They’re Masters at Making Your Life Easy

Do you feel all that wedding planning weight on your shoulders? In a flash it can be gone. When you have an experienced professional handling all the arrangements and guiding you over the obstacles, you are free to enjoy the wedding planning process to the fullest, joyfully choosing the best options instead of stressing over the little details.


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