Let a Vacation travel agent help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon to Greece!

8 Honeymoon Travel Trends

Travel ideas Before You Plan Your Honeymoon

From mini-moons to safaris, we reveal some of the hottest honeymoon trends this year. Regardless of your honeymoon style, there’s great planning info for everyone! Here are a few thought starters to help you and your Vacation travel agent plan your amazing postnuptial vacay.


The idea of the mini-moon is perfect for couples who can’t take time off for their wedding and honeymoon all at once. It allows couples to save up before traveling. Going straight back to work after tying the knot isn’t ideal, and that’s where the mini-moon comes in. Go somewhere that’s near your wedding location so you can hop in the car or take a short flight to enjoy your first few days of married life together. Then when you head home, start planning for the longer honeymoon in your dream destination!

Mini-Moon Idea: Florida Keys

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an amazing mini-honeymoon to Las Vegas.
Mini-Moons: Take a mini-honeymoon to an accessible destination, such as Las Vegas, the Florida Keys or New Orleans, to save money for your ultimate post-nuptial getaway.   

Winter Honeymoons

When you hear the word honeymoon, you probably form a picture in your head of a white-sand beach, turquoise water and glistening sunshine. But if you’re an active couple that enjoys adventure, then consider going on an epic ski trip! Tackle the slopes during the day and curl up by the fire inside your cabin at night. Go beyond Aspen and the Finger Lakes! Choose from several ski destinations in Europe if you want travel abroad.

Winter Idea: Skiing in the Swiss Alps

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon to the Swiss Alps.
Winter Honeymoon: Plan a winter honeymoon to visit popular ski destinations such as the Switzerland, Austria or Italy.

Overwater Bungalows

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime trip, so why not go all-out? More and more resorts are offering overwater bungalows for an intimate, luxurious experience. Sleep over the ocean, watch the local marine life and hear the soft lapping of the clear blue water… all from the comfort of your own room. Enjoy your morning coffee as you dip your toes in the water when you wake up. Go ahead and splurge!

Bungalow Idea: Maldives

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon stay at the Intercontinental Moorea.
Overwater Bungalows: Newlyweds can unwind in these cozy, but luxe overwater bungalows at the InterContinental Resort & Spa Moorea. (Photo courtesy of @fmethorst via Twenty20)

River Cruise

Now, many operators specialize in the art of river cruising, which take couples down the Danube or Rhine with stops such as Budapest, Austria and dozens of other cities. Interested in honeymooning somewhere other than Europe? No problem. There are plenty of cruise lines that will take you down the Yangtze River to offer you a close-up view of Chinese culture and natural beauty. River cruising means smaller ships that provide a more intimate and personal experience.

River Cruise Idea: Danube River

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon on a river cruise.
River Cruises: Spend some well-deserved downtime with your new spouse on a exciting river cruise to explore multiple cities.


If you can’t decide which destination you want to visit the mostthen don’t! You don’t have to settle for one destination if you want to visit multiple cities. Obviously, this isn’t sound advice if you’re deciding between Thailand and Greece, but if you’re debating between France and Austria you can definitely make both work. After all, your honeymoon is supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. Spend some extra time crossing a couple destinations off your bucket list.

Multi-Destination Idea: Vietnam and Cambodia

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon to Vietnam and Cambodia.
Multi-Destination: Go all out! Plan a honeymoon, for the both of you, to explore more than one travel destination such as Vietnam and Cambodia. 

Gourmet Honeymoon

If you and your significant other are serious foodies, then let your taste buds take the lead. Map your route based on what cuisine you’ve always want to try. Mix it up between street food and 3-course dinners so you experience a variety of dining styles to keep things interesting. When you get to your location of choice arrange tastings or order the chef’s choice at restaurants. And, of course, don’t be afraid to try anything!

Gourmet idea: Italy

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon to experience the delicious food in Italy.
Gourmet Honeymoons:  A Vacation travel agent can arrange an amazing foodie-inspired honeymoon for a happy couple to trendy food destination such as Italy.

Road Trip

Traveling cross-country can be as intimate and romantic as staying in a honeymoon suite. Throw together a playlist of your favorite tunes, pick up some tasty snacks for the drive and hit the gas. You can drive up the coast of California, stopping at vineyards and beaches along the way. Or you can drive along the Eastern Seaboard to make pit stops in Rhode Island, Boston and end your honeymoon road trip in gorgeous Maine. Your options are limitless in the U.S. or abroad!

Road Trip Idea: California Coast

Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon on the road along the California coastline.
Road Trips: There's no better way to really spend one-on-one time with your spouse than on a fun road trip exploring the California coastline.

Safari Honeymoon

Stay at a lodge that provides easy access to African wildlife in great countries such as Tanzania and South Africa. Try to spot the “Big Five” on your game drive – you’ll be surprised how up-close and personal you’ll get to elephants, lions and other animals. Go big for your honeymoon adventure with an unforgettable safari experience.

Safari Idea: Kruger National Park

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Let Vacation travel agents help you plan an unforgettable honeymoon to Africa for a safari adventure.
Safari Honeymoon: A Vacation travel agent can plan an up-close and personal safari adventure for your honeymoon. Sorry, but the laughing zebra is not included. (Photo courtesy of @sedechant via Twenty20