Plan an amazing gay-friendly honeymoon with help from a Vacation travel agent.

8 Gay-Friendly Honeymoon Hotspots

Fun and Fabulous Postnuptial Getaways

With dozens of same-sex couples getting married in the U.S. every year, the number of honeymoon destinations touting themselves as gay-friendly has skyrocketed. This is good news for couples searching for a place where they can be themselves, and with help from a LGBTQ travel specialist, it will be easy to make their dream post-nuptial getaway come true. With more and more countries adopting marriage equality and anti-discrimination laws, there are now a wide variety of viable options, from far flung international destinations to off-the-beaten path domestic escapes.

Check out Vacation’s list of this year’s top gay-friendly honeymoon hotspots, where tolerant laws and accepting locals go a long way toward making newlyweds feel safe and welcome.

Sitges, Spain

You’ll never be bored in Barcelona, but after your big day, you might need a little downtime. Sitges, often referred to as the St. Tropez of Spain, is a small picturesque resort town about 25 miles southwest from the bustling capital. Here, you’ll find beautiful beaches, quaint cobblestone streets and a plethora of gay-friendly bars, restaurants and clubs all within walking distance of the town’s charming boutique hotels.

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon in Sitges with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Sitges: Welcome to the "St. Tropez of Spain!" Honeymoons flock to this quaint town for the beautiful beaches and its vibrant nightlife.

New Orleans, Louisiana

From the French Quarter to Faubourg Marigny, the Big Easy has a romantic allure that’s hard to deny if you're looking for a LGBTQ-friendly destination in the U.S. Whether you visit for the vibrant live music scene, the Creole cuisine, or to wander the city’s picturesque historic neighborhoods, New Orleans won’t disappoint. The best time to visit is the spring or fall when the temperature is just right for languid strolls and evenings spent outside listening to the music that made the city famous. 

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon in New Orleans with help from a Vacation travel agent.
New Orleans: Go for the amazing live music, historic neighborhoods and tasty Creole cuisine, including jambalaya.

Punta Mita, Mexico

The gay mecca of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is famed for its raging party scene, but drive an hour south and you’ll find the quiet fishing village of Punta Mita. Known for its gentle surf, laid-back vibe and luxury resorts. This is the place for rest and relaxation. Spend lazy days on the beach or head out to the Marieta Islands to explore the diverse array of underwater wildlife.

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Punta Mita: Same-sex newlyweds will enjoy relaxing in this laid-back fishing village, where there's no shortage of luxury accommodations. 

Reykjavik, Iceland

This quirky capital is quickly gaining in popularity as a honeymoon destination for same-sex couples looking for an alternative to the beach. Beyond the famous Blue Lagoon, Iceland is a cultural mecca with modern architecture and a thriving art scene. Travel about an hour outside the city, and you can spend a romantic night or two gazing at the Northern Lights.

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon in Reykjavik, Iceland, with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Reykjavik: Travel an hour outside of the city for a romantic escape to see the starry sky and the amazing aurora borealis also known as the northern lights. 

Napa Valley, California

For wine and food connoisseurs, Napa Valley is the destination of a lifetime. It doesn’t get much more idyllic than Napa’s gently rolling hills, especially when viewed from the seat of a bike as you cruise between wineries. With no shortage of luxury resorts and intimate boutique hotels, this is the gay-friendly honeymoon destination you’ll never want to leave.

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon in Napa Valley with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Napa Valley: Gay honeymooners can travel between vineyards to sample the region's best wines while spending some quality time with your new spouse.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not everyone wants to spend their honeymoon laying on a beach or tucked away in some remote location. For those who want to celebrate their nuptials with a party, Buenos Aires is the best show in South America. From clubs that rage through the night to a world-class culinary scene, this undeniably frenetic city is as much fun during the day as it is at night. This place doubles as great wedding and honeymoon destination for both you and your wedding party to enjoy like an extended LGBTQ-friendly vacation!

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Buenos Aires: In addition to a world-class culinary scene, this hip city is also known for its fun clubs that are all the rage.

Portland, Maine

If lighthouses and lobsters are more your speed, Portland is an under-the-radar honeymoon destination worth considering. Outdoor adventure is the name of the game here, from skiing and snowmobiling in the winter, to sailing and hiking during the summer. Friendly open-minded locals and an accessible, walkable downtown make this a welcoming choice for those looking for a break from the bustle of the big city.

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon in Portland, Maine, with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Portland, Maine: Newlyweds should not miss out on taking a stroll along this city's cobblestone streets lined with cool boutiques, restaurants and pubs. 

Bora Bora

This tropical paradise is the quintessential honeymoon destination. Romantic to the end, the tiny gay-friendly island has some of the world’s most luxurious resorts with overwater bungalows being the de rigueur accommodation choice. The 7.5-hour flight from L.A. is a bit of a haul, but if a dreamy destination is what you’re seeking, Bora Bora won’t let you down.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with a Vacation travel agent about how you can plan a fun and fabulous gay honeymoon? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with a LGBTQ honeymoon specialist, who can help you customize a post-nuptial getaway that you're both going to love! 

Plan an unforgettable gay-friendly honeymoon in Bora Bora with help from a Vacation travel agent.
Bora Bora: This gay-friendly destination is the ultimate honeymoon destination with some of the world's most luxurious resorts with overwater bungalows.