Bride and groom walking down the aisle together.

5 Signs a Destination Wedding is Right for You

Should You Stay or Should You Go

When you close your eyes and imagine your ideal wedding, where does it take place? In the church you grew up in, fresh flowers flanking the aisles, or in a decorated reception hall surrounded by your electric sliding friends? Perhaps you see yourself barefoot on a beach, the waves of the Caribbean rhythmically crashing behind you, or at a French vineyard amid grapes and vintages you can’t wait to drink.

Should you stay local or go abroad for your wedding? This key decision should be fun to make, yet some couples go loco nailing down the locale. If you’re on the fence, these five signs should help determine if you’re destined for a destination wedding.

You Take at Least One Big Trip a Year

Everyone “loves” to travel, but for some, exploring the cultures of the world is in their DNA. They spend hours daydreaming about their next vacation, thinking of ways to wear out a Eurail pass. If you’re the type of couple who takes one big trip a year to a place you’ve never been that both challenges and excites you, a destination wedding may be the perfect fit. Not only do you get to share your love of world exploration with the people you love most, you can also cross an incredible location off your bucket list.

Couple holding hands looking toward the ocean.
Two for One: Cross a location off your bucket list and invite your family, too!

Your Family and Friends are Scattered Around the Globe

Imagine walking through the front doors of a flower-draped temple in Mumbai with a mesmerizing henna tattoo on your arm, or listening to your “I do’s” echo in the ruins of a 1,000 year-old abbey in Ireland. Having friends and loved ones all over the world makes the process of choosing a destination more of a thrilling adventure and provides you the freedom to choose an exceptional location. After all, if the majority of your guests will need to travel no matter what, selecting a fun destination will be even more enticing for them.

The Scenery Matters More Than the Dress

After watching “Say Yes to the Dress,” you probably think most brides only care about which fluffy, sparkly or tiered gown they’ll don on their big day. However, that’s not the case for all. Many destination brides choose more affordable, simpler gowns, saving their green for a posh resort with Mediterranean views or a Barbados rum tour for their guests. If the view from the altar matters more than the posed photos of you dolled up, you should consider a ceremony abroad.

Couple waling to the pier of a picturesque lake.
 All About the Location: Destination brides choose more affordable dresses, saving their green for a posh resort. 

You’re Adventurous and Culturally Curious

If you and your fiancée often venture into the unknown, packing nothing but a map and some snacks for the road, a simple wedding in a church may not excite you. Adventurous souls crave extraordinary experiences—they hike miles off the path for the perfect view of Arenal Volcano or get lost in Hong Kong alleyways to find an amazing dim sum joint. If you two fit that bill, a destination wedding may be your ticket to an authentic ceremony.

You Want Something Unique

When you reach a certain age, your friends start to couple off, get engaged and eventually walk down the aisle with you watching from a ribbon-topped chair. These ceremonies start to look, feel and sound alike as your friends choose the same florists, venues and photographers. Even the lobster puffs and baked salmon start to taste the same. Though these Pinterest-perfect weddings work well for many, they don’t work for everyone. Destination weddings are meant for those who want to design their own traditions and make their wedding truly memorable for themselves and their guests.

Cabana and table on a beach decorated with beautiful pastel flowers.
Design By You: Destination weddings are for people who want to create their own traditions.

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