Couple looking out toward the horizon of the Mediterranean Sea on a Greek island.

Why Couples Need a Travel Agent for Their Romantic Getaway

What Couples Should Know About Working with a Travel Agent

When it comes to love, the only logical gift to give the love of your life would be the stars, the moon and all the heavens in-between. But in the off chance that all of the cosmos is in fact a tall ask, a romantic getaway may seem a more manageable option. However, when it comes time to actually plan a romantic getaway, the perfect trip can prove to be a pretty tricky thing to pull off. After all, researching travel trends alone is a deep-enough rabbit hole to easily get lost in—booking the best possibilities might as well be a labyrinth.

When you are looking at the experience... think about hand-tailoring a suit versus buying off the rack.

Luckily, you don’t have to attempt to navigate the world of travel-booking all by your lonesome; professional travel agents are ready and waiting to help you craft a vacation worthy of your better half. If a travel agent doesn’t sound like the sort of investment you’d make, you’re not adequately considering what the investment is and who the investment is for. Perhaps Travel Leaders Group’s Ninan Chacko says it best: "Where does the travel agent thrive? When it comes to an experience. Knitting it all together, the cabin, the transfer, everything. When you are looking at the experience… think about hand-tailoring a suit versus buying off the rack.” 

Simply put, does your soulmate—the best thing to ever happen to you—deserve a luxuriously tailored experience or a generic off-the-rack trip? Whether it’s a honeymoon or a 30-year anniversary present, consider a few more reasons why you won’t regret a travel agent’s help.

Couple lounging in an overwater cabana.
couple's getaway - A professional travel agent is always ready to luxuriously tailor a dream itinerary you both won't soon forget.

“Ear-to-the-Ground” Expert Advice

So, you’ve hypothetically settled on a beach vacation. Great! Which hemisphere? Which continent? Do you know the rates for the dozens of resorts there? Do you know what the crowds are like at that time of year? Do you know what the jellyfish blooms are like at that time of year?

Travel agents know all of the above, and then some. Whether it’s the up-and-coming hottest new destination or the absolutely-don’t-go-there tourist trap, a travel agent will never steer you wrong with their advice—because that advice is rooted in hard-earned professional knowledge. So, why not rely on a travel agent to take the stress out of trip-planning and let them do what they do best—customized, unforgettable travel experiences.   

Gay couple on rooftop restaurant in Bangkok.
customized luxury experiences - A travel agent can tailor your vacation itinerary to include special experiences such as a rooftop dinner for two with an amazing view of Bangkok. 

Complete Peace of Mind

In today’s hectic world, even the best-laid plans may find themselves at the mercy of unforeseen, and unfortunate, circumstances. Be it hurricanes, volcanoes, flight delays or diplomatic relations between countries, unexpected situations can happen at the drop of a hat. Having a travel agent on your side before and during your vacation is a lot like having a guardian angel. Hopefully, you won’t have to depend on them to save the day, but just knowing they’re there and dedicated to your well-being is peace of mind… and that’s priceless. 

Couple doing yoga near the beach
peace of mind - Travel agents take the stress out of planning your vacation, even during the unexpected emergencies, to help you fully relax and enjoy your time together. 

Exclusive Amenities and Perks

A common misconception is that travel agents are an added expense—but nothing could be further from the truth. While their services are not free, the payoff more than makes up for it. If the aforementioned reasons weren’t enough, the “cherry on top” to working with a travel agent would be the exclusive amenities. Thanks to longstanding industry relationships—from airlines to resorts to tour companies—travel agents can usually provide something extra to couples. Whether it’s a welcome bottle of champagne, in-room massages, flight upgrades or a bonus excursion for you and your beloved, the sum of your surprise goodies often easily outweighs the travel agent’s fee. 

Inspired by this article and want to speak with an expert travel agent about planning a luxurious couple's getaway? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts match you with a travel agent, who can customize the perfect itinerary that you both deserve.

Couple laying in bed together watching TV.
Exclusive Perks - Couples working with a travel agent will reap the benefits of their relationships with suppliers (hotels, cruise lines, etc.) for those exclusive perks, including room upgrades, welcome cocktails, resort credits and more! 

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