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These trusted agents are a part of Internova Travel Group, an International family of travel brands, and can provide you with personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of destinations and exclusive deals & amenities for your next trip.
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Family Vacations
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Susan Glover:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Orland Park, IL
Susan Glover
Nexion, LLC
Orland Park, IL
37 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 9 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Walt Disney World,Charleston,Kiawah Island,Europe,New York City
Interest Specialties:Family Vacations,Theme Parks
Tinley Park Dillons says
"Susan helped my wife and I navigate the planning of our first Disney Cruise. Everything on the Disn... "
Brandee Martin:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in GLEN ELLYN, IL
Brandee Martin
Nexion, LLC
24 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:USA
Interest Specialties:Family Vacations,Luxury
Mr Maxwell says
"It was a smooth process, I told her what I wanted and she made it "
Shannon Sarmiento:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Plainfield, IL
Shannon Sarmiento
Nexion, LLC
Plainfield, IL
4 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,Hawaii,Alaska,Mexico,Greece
Interest Specialties:Family Vacations,All Inclusive,Cruises,River Cruises,Gluten-Free
Holly says
"Great job. Was a wonderful "
Stacey Cornwall:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Waterloo, IL
Stacey Cornwall
Nexion, LLC
Waterloo, IL
3 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 20 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Texas,Florida,Las Vegas,Colorado,Saint Croix Island
Interest Specialties:Family Vacations,Air Travel,Pet Friendly,National Parks
Dr. Henderson says
"I worked for the Mayo clinic and had a ton of emergency travel. Stacey was always very patient and p... "
Peggy Morgan:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Hinsdale, IL
Peggy Morgan
Nexion, LLC
Hinsdale, IL
85 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 15 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Italy,Greece,Spain,Croatia,France
Interest Specialties:Honeymoons,Family Vacations,Luxury,Groups,Couples & Romance
Cathy says
"Peggy helped pick the perfect location on the ship for my family. So nice to have here set up and co... "
Samantha Gagni:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Chicago, IL
Samantha Gagni
Nexion, LLC
Chicago, IL
19 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 4 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Africa,Kenya,Tanzania,South Africa
Interest Specialties:Groups,Family Vacations,Safari
David Von says
"She’s very detail oriented. We’ll definitely use her again for our next "
Nancy Ballone:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Romeoville, IL
Nancy Ballone
Nexion, LLC
Romeoville, IL
4 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
Destination Specialties:Riviera Maya,Playa Del Carmen,Dominican Republic,Negril,Naples
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Family Vacations,Honeymoons,Cruises
R & E 27 says
"Nancy is the complete package. She listens to your interests and gives you options. All of our trips... "
Karen Rao:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Bartlett, IL
Karen Rao
Explore Other Lands LLC
Bartlett, IL
Destination Specialties:Quebec,Reykjavik,Ketchikan,Bahamas,Puerto Rico
Interest Specialties:Cruises,Family Vacations,Luxury Cruises,Transatlantic
Susan Sherlock:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Western Springs, IL
Susan Sherlock
Nexion, LLC
Western Springs, IL
Destination Specialties:Walt Disney World,Oahu Island,Maui Island,Dublin,Destin
Interest Specialties:Disney Vacations,Family Vacations,Beach Vacations
Lisa DeYoung:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Orland Park, IL
Lisa DeYoung
Nexion, LLC
Orland Park, IL
37 reviews / 97.30% Recommended
/ 5 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Florida,Rome,California,France,St. Pete Beach
Interest Specialties:Disney Vacations,Luxury Cruises,Family Vacations,Destination Weddings,Universal Parks & Resort Vacations
Mary says
"Lisa is very professional and always available. She gave me great information and was open and hones... "
Jamie Pollitt:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Bloomington, IL
Jamie Pollitt
Nexion, LLC
Bloomington, IL
28 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,St. Lucia,Turks and Caicos Islands,Antigua & Barbuda
Interest Specialties:Adult Only,All Inclusive,Beach Vacations,Family Vacations,Honeymoons
Erin says
"Jamie planned our trip to Disney World in January 2019. We traveled with a large group (12) and st... "
Lori Hoffman:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Plainfield, IL
Lori Hoffman
Nexion, LLC
Plainfield, IL
56 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Jamaica,Dominican Republic,Riviera Maya,St. Lucia,Cabo San Lucas
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Beach Vacations,Destination Weddings,Family Vacations,Honeymoons
Erin and Mark Carvis says
"Lori had assisted us with travel desires for many years- through raising kids, life changes and eve... "
Deb Watt:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in St. Charles, IL
Deb Watt
Nexion, LLC
St. Charles, IL
15 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
Destination Specialties:Riviera Maya,St. Lucia,Tahiti,Costa Rica,Hawaii
Interest Specialties:Destination Weddings,Honeymoons,All Inclusive,Family Vacations,River Cruises
MarZ says
"Deb planned most of our Itinerary and all travel details. All details were flawless. She was very ac... "
Nancy Mackey:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Oak Brook, IL
Nancy Mackey
Nexion, LLC
Oak Brook, IL
14 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 11 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Italy,New Zealand,France,Iceland,Croatia
Interest Specialties:Luxury,Small Ship Cruises,Honeymoons,Family Vacations
Jane says
"Nancy is a knowledgable, dedicated and extremely organized travel agent. She has been amazing with h... "
Brian Meyers:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Hoffman Estates, IL
Brian Meyers
3C Sales Group Inc.
Hoffman Estates, IL
Destination Specialties:Bahamas,Virgin Islands,Orlando,Cancun,Greece
Interest Specialties:Cruises,All Inclusive,Disney Vacations,Family Vacations,Escorted Tours
James Watt:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Saint Charles, IL
James Watt
Nexion, LLC
Saint Charles, IL
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,France,Germany
Interest Specialties:Cruises,River Cruises,Beach Vacations,Family Vacations
Jen Watson:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Chicago, IL
Jen Watson
Nexion, LLC
Chicago, IL
Destination Specialties:USA,Africa,South America,Europe,Asia
Interest Specialties:Global Travel,Arts & Culture,Student Groups,Family Vacations,Couples & Romance
Christine Potthoff:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Oswego, IL
Christine Potthoff
Nexion, LLC
Oswego, IL
Destination Specialties:France,Jamaica,Dominican Republic,Mexico,Florida
Interest Specialties:River Cruises,Celebration Travel,Groups,Holiday Travel,Family Vacations
Anna Glavatsky:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Buffalo Grove, IL
Anna Glavatsky
Nexion, LLC
Buffalo Grove, IL
Destination Specialties:Cancun,Dominican Republic,Jamaica,Antigua & Barbuda,Bahamas
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Cruises,Adult Only,Disney Vacations,Family Vacations
Ann Nelson:  Family Vacations Travel Agent in Lake Villa, IL
Ann Nelson
Nexion, LLC
Lake Villa, IL
23 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 7 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Iceland,Ireland,Italy
Interest Specialties:River Cruises,Independent Travel,All Inclusive,Family Vacations
Michelle says
"Ann is extremely thorough from the introduction as a new client, to pre-planning, specific planning ... "