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These trusted agents are a part of Internova Travel Group, an International family of travel brands, and can provide you with personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of destinations and exclusive deals & amenities for your next trip.
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Janetta Douglas:  Groups Travel Agent in York, PA
Janetta Douglas
Travel Leaders Vacation Center
York, PA
52 reviews / 98.08% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:British Columbia
Interest Specialties:Groups,Family Vacations,National Parks
Larry Kuhn says
"Janetta was very professional, gave us many options and helped us with flight issues while in the Do... "
Carla Koller:  Groups Travel Agent in Potomac, MD
Carla Koller
Travel Leaders Vacation Center
Potomac, MD
20 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Europe,Mediterranean
Interest Specialties:Groups,European Culture,River Cruises,Heritage
Rorie says
"I have used Carla's expertise in planning vacations and general travel for approximately 20 years an... "
Karrah Bissett:  Groups Travel Agent in Miami, FL
Karrah Bissett
Nexion, LLC
Miami, FL
176 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Costa Rica
Interest Specialties:Groups
Brad says
"We could not have done this vacation without the help of Karrah. She helped every step of the way. T... "
Badonna Birdsong:  Groups Travel Agent in Carrollton, TX
Badonna Birdsong
Badonna's Travel World, LLC
Carrollton, TX
98 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,Europe,Hawaii,Mexico,South Pacific
Interest Specialties:Groups,Luxury Cruises,Couples & Romance,Expedition Cruises,World Cruises
Diane Kramer says
"Badonna has been great - she is very knowledgeable and it's a pleasure dealing with "
Val Burnett:  Groups Travel Agent in Lacombe, AB
Val Burnett
Nexion, CA
Lacombe, AB
97 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Mexico,Caribbean,Africa,Central America,Europe
Interest Specialties:Groups,Escorted Tours,All Inclusive,Destination Weddings,Business Travel
Sandy says
"Very professional and "
Carol Rowland:  Groups Travel Agent in Atlanta, GA
Carol Rowland
Nexion, LLC
Atlanta, GA
87 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 14 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Ireland,Northern Ireland,Italy,Israel,France
Interest Specialties:Groups,Luxury Cruises,Religious,River Cruises,Escorted Tours
howard says
"We planned two trips with Carol : Ireland and Italy pilgrimages with local Atlanta priests. We fea... "
Christie Costello:  Groups Travel Agent in Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Christie Costello
Nexion, LLC
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
59 reviews / 98.31% Recommended
/ 5 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:USA,South America,Europe,Asia,Caribbean Sea
Interest Specialties:Groups,Celebration Travel,Cruises,Bespoke Travel,Sustainable Travel
Fiona says
"Christie is wonderful—super organized, easy to work with, kind, and always responsive (no matter the... "
Christy Johnson:  Groups Travel Agent in Wildomar, CA
Christy Johnson
Nexion, LLC
Wildomar, CA
56 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 15 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Alaska,Disneyland,Walt Disney World,Belize,Monterey
Interest Specialties:Groups,Cruises,Disney Vacations,Accessible Travel,Student Groups
DENIS says
"I was looking for a very specific hotel room to stay in after running the LA Marathon for the very f... "
Linda Maggert:  Groups Travel Agent in Columbia City, IN
Linda Maggert
Nexion, LLC
Columbia City, IN
52 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 10 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Jamaica,St. Lucia,Dominican Republic,Machu Picchu,Bahamas
Interest Specialties:Groups,Beach Vacations,Family Vacations,Destination Weddings,Escorted Tours
Rocknrobin64 says
"Linda has been amazing thru the entire process start to finish. She met with us to hear where we wo... "
Christian Svoboda:  Groups Travel Agent in GARDEN CITY, NY
Christian Svoboda
Nexion, LLC
41 reviews / 97.56% Recommended
/ 17 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,South America,Mexico,Central America,Europe
Interest Specialties:Groups,Honeymoons,Food & Wine,River Cruises,Wine Country Vacations
"Christian provides first hand knowledge of places we want to go because he has been just about every... "
Emelia Timpo:  Groups Travel Agent in East Windsor, NJ
Emelia Timpo
Nexion, LLC
East Windsor, NJ
36 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 12 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Ghana,South Africa,Ethiopia,Egypt,Tanzania
Interest Specialties:Groups,Family Vacations,Heritage,Escorted Tours,Women's Travel
Bob says
"If you want a Travel Agent this is well versed in all aspects of world travel, then Emelia is the pe... "
Teena Dowd:  Groups Travel Agent in Ancaster, ON
Teena Dowd
Nexion, CA
Ancaster, ON
25 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 7 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Bahamas,Belize,Europe,St. Lucia,Virgin Islands
Interest Specialties:Groups
Heather says
"Teena is Knowledgeable, responds quickly and was able to find the best deal for my families individu... "
Donna Brown:  Groups Travel Agent in Shiner, TX
Donna Brown
Nexion, LLC
Shiner, TX
22 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,Alaska,Mexico,Cozumel,Juneau
Interest Specialties:Groups,River Cruises,Cruises,Celebration Travel,Family Vacations
Peters family says
"Easy and great to work "
Whitney Snell:  Groups Travel Agent in Nashville, TN
Whitney Snell
Nexion, LLC
Nashville, TN
20 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Europe
Interest Specialties:Groups,Family Vacations
Rose says
"Very knowledgeable and "
Samantha Gagni:  Groups Travel Agent in Chicago, IL
Samantha Gagni
Nexion, LLC
Chicago, IL
19 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 4 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Worldwide,Mexico,Jamaica,Dominican Republic,Turks and Caicos Islands
Interest Specialties:Groups,All Inclusive,Destination Weddings,Honeymoons,Bachelorette Parties & Girlfriend Getaways
David Von says
"She’s very detail oriented. We’ll definitely use her again for our next "
Nana Essandoh:  Groups Travel Agent in Crownsville, MD
Nana Essandoh
Nexion, LLC
Crownsville, MD
19 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 24 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:South Africa,Cape Town,Johannesburg,Krueger National Park,Lesedi Cultural Village
Interest Specialties:Groups,All Inclusive,Luxury,Honeymoons
Jojo says
"5. Very attentive. Takes care of any needs or request Very personal. A great pleasure to work wi... "
Jarod McNeill, VTA:  Groups Travel Agent in Seattle, WA
Jarod McNeill, VTA
Nexion, LLC
Seattle, WA
19 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 8 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Cancun,Quintana Roo,Riviera Maya,Jalisco,Playa Del Carmen
Interest Specialties:Groups,Cruises,Gay & Lesbian,Small Ship Cruises
Emily says
"Jarod was very helpful, always professional and very knowledgeable. Great "
Laura Gidden:  Groups Travel Agent in Meridian, MS
Laura Gidden
Nexion, LLC
Meridian, MS
17 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Turks and Caicos Islands,Jamaica,St. Lucia,Barbados,Grand Cayman
Interest Specialties:Groups,Luxury,Family Vacations,River Cruises,All Inclusive
Oscar says
"Laura is the best!! It is wonderful to deal with one agent that knows exactly what airlines seats, h... "
Erika Bodwell:  Groups Travel Agent in Apopka, FL
Erika Bodwell
EBA Travel, LLC
Apopka, FL
17 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 3 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Africa,Europe,Caribbean,Alaska
Interest Specialties:Groups
Sml0912 says
"Erika provided professional and knowledgeable service throughout the experience. She always had help... "
Terri Pascarelli:  Groups Travel Agent in Naples, FL
Terri Pascarelli
Nexion, LLC
Naples, FL
16 reviews / 93.75% Recommended
/ 4 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Galapagos Islands,Caribbean,Europe,Australia & New Zealand
Interest Specialties:Groups,Cruises,River Cruises,Luxury Cruises,Small Ship Cruises
Rose says
"Our cruise was canceled by the cruise line, we were so glad Terri was with us all the way to get eve... "