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These trusted agents are a part of Internova Travel Group, an International family of travel brands, and can provide you with personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of destinations and exclusive deals & amenities for your next trip.
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Christian Poulin: Japan  Travel Agent in Ottawa, ON
Christian Poulin
Nexion, CA
Ottawa, ON
76 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 8 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Japan,Thailand,Iceland,Portugal,Vietnam
Interest Specialties:Adventure,Independent Travel,Culinary & Foodie,European Culture,Hiking & Backpacking
Ashley says
"Working with Christian was great. He was thorough in asking about the reason for my travel, my exper... "
Ivy Lam: Japan  Travel Agent in Oakville, ON
Ivy Lam
Nexion, CA
Oakville, ON
63 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 7 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Japan,South Korea,Thailand,Indonesia,Vietnam
Interest Specialties:Independent Travel,Bespoke Travel,Architecture,Culinary & Foodie,Arts & Culture
P&E says
"From the moment that we first spoke to Ivy until after we returned from our trip to Japan, Ivy was e... "
Kathleen Whalen: Japan  Travel Agent in Dallas, TX
Kathleen Whalen
Nexion, LLC
Dallas, TX
27 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 8 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Japan,Kyoto,Tokyo
Interest Specialties:Arts & Culture,Luxury
Jen Olson says
"I called her with a very last minute request and she worked her magic and made it happen! All withou... "
Steven Callas: Japan  Travel Agent in NorthBrook, IL
Steven Callas
Nexion, LLC
NorthBrook, IL
3 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
Destination Specialties:Japan,Tokyo,Kyoto,Osaka,Hiroshima
Interest Specialties:Nature,Parks & Gardens,Arts & Culture,Culinary & Foodie,Architecture
Makis S. says
"I never would have picked Mallorca as a vacation destination. My wife likes the beach, I like advent... "
Tim Boggs: Japan  Travel Agent in Fort Wayne, IN
Tim Boggs
Xplor Vacations LLC
Fort Wayne, IN
Destination Specialties:Japan,Italy,Caribbean,Thailand,Quintana Roo
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Cruises,Family Vacations,Adult Only,Gay & Lesbian
Colin Carandang: Japan  Travel Agent in Houston, TX
Colin Carandang
Alpas Travel, LLC
Houston, TX
Destination Specialties:Japan,Switzerland,South Korea,Jordan
Interest Specialties:Air Travel,Gay & Lesbian,Independent Travel
Amber Spells: Japan  Travel Agent in Pittsburgh, PA
Amber Spells
Nexion, LLC
Pittsburgh, PA
Destination Specialties:Paris,Japan,Germany,Cuba,Israel
Interest Specialties:Global Travel,Culinary & Foodie,Women's Travel
Jay Cohen: Japan  Travel Agent in Lewes, DE
Jay Cohen
Nexion, LLC
Lewes, DE
Destination Specialties:Singapore,Japan,Hawaii Island,Hong Kong,France
Interest Specialties:Luxury Cruises,All Inclusive,Luxury Hotels,River Cruises,World Cruises
Victoria Caldwell: Japan  Travel Agent in Denver, CO
Victoria Caldwell
Nexion, LLC
Denver, CO
Destination Specialties:Hawaii,Japan,Walt Disney World,Disneyland
Interest Specialties:Disney Vacations,Luxury Hotels,Celebration Travel,Cruises
Joe Lucero: Japan  Travel Agent in Seattle, WA
Joe Lucero
Cruise Specialists
Seattle, WA
52 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Europe,Iceland,Japan,South America
Interest Specialties:Small Ship Cruises
Genevieve says
"Professional, responsive, and "
Wendy Schoneberger CTA ECC: Japan  Travel Agent in Salem, NH
Wendy Schoneberger CTA ECC
Nexion, LLC
Salem, NH
85 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 12 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:New Zealand,Tahiti,Japan,Hawaii,Italy
Interest Specialties:Adventure,Groups,River Cruises,Small Ship Cruises,Cruises
Grace says
"Wendy has been very helpful as I plan my trip to study abroad in Argentina. The program I am going w... "
Mimi Marquis: Japan  Travel Agent in Wilmington, NC
Mimi Marquis
Nexion, LLC
Wilmington, NC
11 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Asia,Bermuda,Japan,Hawaii
Interest Specialties:Luxury Cruises,Luxury Hotels,World Cruises,River Cruises,Villas
Alis says
"Mimi worked hard to find the best travel fares for our complex, four-city, two-week trip to Japan i... "
Ally Santoro: Japan  Travel Agent in Naples, FL
Ally Santoro
Nexion, LLC
Naples, FL
5 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 2 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Mediterranean,Italy,Japan,United Kingdom,Europe
Interest Specialties:Bespoke Travel,Luxury Cruises,Family Vacations,Golf,Expedition Cruises
Ed T says
"We recently experienced a wonderful trip of Europe arranged in detail by Ally Santoro,the best trav... "
Ralph Celento: Japan  Travel Agent in San Antonio, TX
Ralph Celento
Nexion, LLC
San Antonio, TX
2 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 12 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Florida,Walt Disney World,Japan,Philippines,Las Vegas
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Family Vacations,Cruises,Disney Vacations,Theme Parks
Alm says
"Ralph has always gone above and beyond in making sure that our trips are wonderful. He is extremely... "
Laurie Ross: Japan  Travel Agent in Calgary, AB
Laurie Ross
Nexion, CA
Calgary, AB
16 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 14 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Africa,Caribbean,Europe,Japan,South Pacific
Interest Specialties:All Inclusive,Wellness,Groups,Photography,Family Vacations
Kim says
"I recently went on our first vacation to St.Lucia, to anywhere really! We were first time internatio... "
Melissa Cowles: Japan  Travel Agent in Monroe, GA
Melissa Cowles
Nexion, LLC
Monroe, GA
47 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 8 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Alaska,Australia,Bali,Japan,Caribbean
Interest Specialties:Castles & Cathedrals,Honeymoons,Destination Weddings,Theme Parks,All Inclusive
Bree says
"Excellent!! Everything was planned and went smoothly, we had nothing to worry about. Transportation ... "
Jason Riffenburg: Japan  Travel Agent in Wesley Chapel, FL
Jason Riffenburg
Riff's Travel Service, LLC
Wesley Chapel, FL
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,Mexico,Alaska,Japan,Thailand
Interest Specialties:Cruises,Family Vacations,All Inclusive,Adult Only,Celebration Travel
Amarilis Correa: Japan  Travel Agent in Hallandale Beach, FL
Amarilis Correa
Nexion, LLC
Hallandale Beach, FL
Destination Specialties:Mexico,Madagascar,Puerto Rico,Japan,Italy
Interest Specialties:Groups,European Culture,Global Travel,Celebration Travel,Bachelorette Parties & Girlfriend Getaways
Jacqueline Nguyen: Japan  Travel Agent in San Jose, CA
Jacqueline Nguyen
Nexion, LLC
San Jose, CA
Destination Specialties:Europe,Southeast Asia,Australia,Japan,Vietnam
Interest Specialties:River Cruises,Family Vacations,Groups,Religious,Cruises
Ryan Warshaw: Japan  Travel Agent in Lakeville, MN
Ryan Warshaw
Epic Jaunts LLC
Lakeville, MN
22 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 16 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,Europe,Asia,Africa,Japan
Interest Specialties:Small Ship Cruises,Luxury Cruises,Culinary & Foodie,Cruises,Bespoke Travel
Chuck Bristol says
"Helpful in setting up our River "