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New Zealand
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New Zealand

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These trusted agents are a part of Internova Travel Group, an International family of travel brands, and can provide you with personalized recommendations, detailed knowledge of destinations and exclusive deals & amenities for your next trip.
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New Zealand
Wendy Schoneberger CTA ECC: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Salem, NH
Wendy Schoneberger CTA ECC
Nexion, LLC
Salem, NH
85 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 12 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:New Zealand,Tahiti,Japan,Hawaii,Italy
Interest Specialties:Adventure,Groups,River Cruises,Small Ship Cruises,Cruises
Scott says
"My college roommate and I are taking a back packing trip through New Zealand and Wendy relentlessly ... "
Melanie Psaltakis: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Gaithersburg, MD
Melanie Psaltakis
Nexion, LLC
Gaithersburg, MD
31 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 8 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:New Zealand,Greece,Italy,Guam,Scandinavia
Interest Specialties:Wellness,Independent Travel,European Culture,River Cruises,Cycling
JR says
"Melanie was fabulous and she went above and beyond our expectation. She was very responsive to emai... "
Eric Wolf: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Saint Augustine, FL
Eric Wolf,LLC
Saint Augustine, FL
Destination Specialties:New Zealand
Interest Specialties:Bespoke Travel,Luxury,Gay & Lesbian,River Cruises,Escorted Tours
Fatehbind Singh: New Zealand  Travel Agent in abbotsford, BC
Fatehbind Singh
Nexion, CA
abbotsford, BC
Destination Specialties:New Zealand,Australia & New Zealand,Tofino
Interest Specialties:Air Travel
Nancy Purdin: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Tucson, AZ
Nancy Purdin
Nexion, LLC
Tucson, AZ
Destination Specialties:New Zealand,Australia,South Africa,Fiji,Costa Rica
Interest Specialties:Animals & Wildlife,Photography,European Culture,Groups
Carrie Gifford: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Davis, CA
Carrie Gifford
Nexion, LLC
Davis, CA
Destination Specialties:New Zealand
Interest Specialties:Disney Vacations,River Cruises,Spa & Fitness
Kash Patel: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Newton Highlands, MA
Kash Patel
Nexion, LLC
Newton Highlands, MA
26 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
Destination Specialties:Australia,New Zealand,Kenya,South Africa,Fiji
Interest Specialties:Honeymoons,Family Vacations,Adventure,Luxury Cruises,Safari
Jay S says
"Kash was an excellent agent to work with for our NZ Honeymoon. I found him online and was in touch w... "
Francine Beifeld: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Ashburn, VA
Francine Beifeld
Nexion, LLC
Ashburn, VA
15 reviews / 93.33% Recommended
Destination Specialties:Australia,New Zealand,Italy,France,Czech Republic
Interest Specialties:European Culture,Adventure,Heritage,Small Ship Cruises,Women's Travel
Wayne says
"Francine did a fantastic job in planning a trip for the two of us to Australia and then for four us ... "
Nancy Mackey: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Oak Brook, IL
Nancy Mackey
Nexion, LLC
Oak Brook, IL
14 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 11 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Italy,New Zealand,France,Iceland,Croatia
Interest Specialties:Luxury,Small Ship Cruises,Honeymoons,Family Vacations
Jane says
"Nancy is a knowledgable, dedicated and extremely organized travel agent. She has been amazing with h... "
Nicole Mathias: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Wainfleet, ON
Nicole Mathias
Nexion, CA
Wainfleet, ON
5 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 17 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Mexico,New Zealand,Paris,Banff,Orlando
Interest Specialties:Family Vacations,Culinary & Foodie,Honeymoons,Luxury Cruises,Couples & Romance
Family of Five says
"Nicole was such a great help for us when planning our trip this year. We have a family of five inclu... "
Cheri Cullen: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Frankford, DE
Cheri Cullen
Select Travel, LLC
Frankford, DE
3 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Australia & New Zealand,New Zealand
Interest Specialties:Luxury Cruises
Mary Brokaw says
"Very friendly, no problems "
Laura Lukan: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Dyersville, IA
Laura Lukan
Nexion, LLC
Dyersville, IA
Destination Specialties:London,New Zealand,Dubai,Caribbean,Italy
Interest Specialties:Global Travel,All Inclusive,Cruises,Arts & Culture
Mark Sanchez: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Bryant, AR
Mark Sanchez
Nexion, LLC
Bryant, AR
Destination Specialties:Europe,New Zealand,USA,Caribbean Sea,Australia
Interest Specialties:European Culture,Cruises,Wine Country Vacations,Global Travel,Luxury
Rhonda Macier Lathen: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Milliken, CO
Rhonda Macier Lathen
Nexion, LLC
Milliken, CO
12 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 7 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Europe,Caribbean,New Zealand,Asia,USA
Interest Specialties:Small Ship Cruises,All Inclusive,River Cruises,Luxury,Culinary & Foodie
The Walrus says
"Rhonda recently helped with setting up a cruise for myself and my wife to New Zealand. Her service ... "
Lynette Sawyer: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Brookshire, TX
Lynette Sawyer
Nexion, LLC
Brookshire, TX
2 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 2 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,South Pacific,New Zealand
Interest Specialties:Cruises,Global Travel,All Inclusive
Chris says
"Lynette was awesome to work with. We had to reschedule our original trip and Lynette did a great mak... "
Janine Kidder: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Apollo Beach, FL
Janine Kidder
Nexion, LLC
Apollo Beach, FL
Destination Specialties:Florida,Hawaii,New Zealand,Australia,Las Vegas
Interest Specialties:Theme Parks,Cruises,Spa & Fitness
Colleen Schulz: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Orange, CA
Colleen Schulz
Nexion, LLC
Orange, CA
Destination Specialties:Alaska,At Sea,New Zealand,Caribbean,Auckland
Interest Specialties:Cruises,River Cruises,All Inclusive
Kay Sanderford: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Kerrville, TX
Kay Sanderford
Nexion, LLC
Kerrville, TX
56 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 25+ Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Europe,Africa,Australia,New Zealand,Greece
Interest Specialties:Bespoke Travel,River Cruises,Luxury Cruises,Escorted Tours,All Inclusive
Sue says
"We use Kay for our travel needs, which are extensive. We love to cruise, and Kay is always there to... "
Mike Plumton: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Philadelphia, PA
Mike Plumton
Nexion, LLC
Philadelphia, PA
15 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 5 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:Caribbean,Mediterranean,Australia,New Zealand
Interest Specialties:Adult Only,Cruises
Pauly says
""Mike is absolutely amazing. Mike is focused solely on ensuring your 100% happiness. Mike got t... "
Keshler Thibert: New Zealand  Travel Agent in Philadelphia, PA
Keshler Thibert
Nexion, LLC
Philadelphia, PA
3 reviews / 100.00% Recommended
/ 6 Years of Experience
Destination Specialties:South America,Spain,USA,New Zealand,Singapore
Interest Specialties:Air Travel,Historical Sites,Culinary & Foodie,Beach Vacations,Nightlife
Charro says
"Mr. Thibert was a very knowledgeable and engaging tour guide. I found him to be very professional ... "