Plan a Labor Day weekend getaway with help from a Vacation travel expert and travel agent.

Labor Day Weekend: Last-Minute Vacation Ideas

Consider These Simple Getaways for the Holiday Weekend

Yep, the summer is slowly winding down. And Labor Day weekend is usually the unfortunate reminder that cooler temps are on the way, and it’s almost time to retire those flip-flops for the season. But don’t panic if you haven’t made plans for the long holiday weekend yet, Vacation has a few ideas to help you end the season on a high, but fun note! From amusement park thrills to just chillin’ in a national park, these four vacation ideas are sure to inspire you to travel during the last, unofficial weekend of summer.

Get an Adrenaline Rush at an Amusement or Water Park

Pack the kids in the car and head to a nearby water park or amusement park for a Labor Day getaway. And if you live in Ohio, you may want to consider a family trip to the newly transformed Cedar Point Shores, where you and the kids splash around on new rides such as the Point Plummet and the Portside Plunge, or get wet n’ wild at Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando. If you’d rather stay dry, Vacation recommends a day trip or long weekend to an amusement park such as Six Flags Magic Mountain to try out new rides like the Justice League: Battle for Metropolis! You can’t go wrong with this as an option for a quick family vacay before the summer unofficially ends.

Let Vacation travel agents plan your next holiday getaway to a popular amusement park such as Disney World.
Amusement Park Thrills: Theme parks are just for children... they're for more seasoned parkgoers. Consider a state or county fair is there's not an amusement park near you.

Visit a National Park for Serenity Now

In celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary, head north and take advantage of free admission to explore, camp, hike or bike in more than 40 national parks and national park preserves. Take a dip in Banff National Park’s Upper Hot Springs; take your sandcastle building skills to the next level and enroll in a park program at Prince Edward Island National Park; or go birdwatching in Point Pelee National Park to identify 100 species of our fine feathered friends. And if you’re staying close to home, there’s a national park near you, from Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to Yosemite National Park in California. You may have to pay $20 to get in, but the natural beauty that awaits… it’s so worth the trip!

Let Vacation travel agents plan your next holiday getaway to a popular U.S. National Park such as Arches National Park in Utah.
National Park Fun: If you can't take advantage of free admission to get into one of Canada's National Parks, we suggest visiting a national park in the U.S. such as Arches National Park in Utah.  

Hit the Road for a Weekend Getaway in a Nearby City or Town

If you’re in Atlanta, consider a trip to Charleston to satisfy the foodie in you, or head south to St. Petersburg or Destin in Florida for a beach getaway. In Texas and twiddling you’re thumbs because you don’t know what to do during the long weekend? Consider going to Austin, where several festivals may peak your interest, including the Out of Bounds Comedy Festival (500 performers, 120 shows) and the LGBTQ-friendly dance party, Splash Days. No matter where you go, don’t just make it about the destination, explore the cities, towns and roadside attractions along the way. Part of traveling is finding those fun local hangouts and hidden gems that most tourists don’t know about. Where’s your sense of adventure?! Let’s go!

Let Vacation travel agents plan your next holiday road trip to visit a nearby city like Charleston, St Petersburg, Austin or San Diego.
Road Trip to Explore: Hit the road with family or friends to visit a nearby city or town for the holiday weekend.  

Unwind and Head for Sand, Sun and Surf

A beach vacay during the holiday weekend is the perfect way to wrap up the end of the season. Yeah, we know that trip to visit Hawaii’s best beaches may force you to break your piggy bank, but you can save money by visiting a small beach town like Cape Cod before the fall weather rolls in. Consider going to Myrtle Beach (4-hour drive from Charlotte), Provincetown (2.5-hour drive from Boston), Chicago’s North Shore (2-hour drive from Milwaukee), or Coronado Beach (2-hour drive from L.A.). And even if you don’t live by a well-known beach, you can plan a fun day trip with family and or friends to go tubing on Lake Namangan in Wisconsin or whitewater rafting on Clear Creek in Idaho Springs, Colorado. It’s fun and affordable! Save your money now, so you can plan that luxury trip to Hawaii in no time… with help from a Vacation travel agent of course.

Inspired by this article and want to speak with a Vacation travel agent about how you can plan a fun getaway during a long holiday weekend? Let one of Vacation’s on-call travel experts connect you with an experienced travel agent to plan your next vacay.

Let Vacation travel agents plan your next holiday road trip to visit a nearby beach for fun activities, including kayaking.
Beach Getaway: Plan a beach vacay to a stretch of sand or beach town such as Myrtle Beach, Coronado Beach and Provincetown.

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