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Getting Off-Grid at Glacier National Park

Why Millennials are Escaping to Montana for a Digital Detox

Lose your Signal, Find Yourself

In an era where many of us spend our days working on computers, staring at a television, or scrolling through our cellphones, it’s no surprise that over-connectivity can be a major source of stress. More young people regard vacation as an opportunity to escape the stressors of an increasingly-technological world by venturing into nature for what has been coined the “digital detox.”

Recent studies suggest that this practice could help to reduce stress and anxiety by calming high blood pressure, easing muscle tension, and lowering production of stress hormones like cortisol. By leaving their devices behind, millennials are discovering they can deepen interpersonal relationships, support mental health and improve mindfulness.

When it comes to finding the perfect destination to lose your signal, there are few places better suited than the remote area of Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains of northwestern Montana. Here’s a few reasons why you should plan a trip here!

Let a Vacation expert agent plan your amazing trip to Glacier National Park.
Lose Your Signal: Leave your your digital devices behind to unplug and go camping at Rising Sun in Glacier National Park.

Ditch your Device and Take a Hike

Glacier National Park is often referred to as the “Crown of the Continent;” one of the last remaining unaltered natural playgrounds of the United States. Bathed in sunlight and shrouded from cell service, it is the perfect destination to ignore some emails truly escape. Whether you’re looking to sip a glass of wine by the fire in an historic lodge or enjoy the sounds of nature from a tent in the woods, there are bountiful locations to set up camp.

Connecting East and West Glacier is Going-to-the-Sun Road, which winds through cavernous open valleys glittering with natural streams, circling other-worldly turquoise lakes and past expansive cliffside overlooks. This route provides easy access to various campsites and over 700 miles of trails appealing to both families and casual hikers as well as the experienced thrill-seeking backpacker. Park passes are sold by the week and provide unlimited access to all the park’s many trailheads and natural sites, each promising an incredible view of the mountains.

Let a Vacation expert agent plan your amazing trip to Glacier National Park.
Perfect Backdrop for Romance: Dayna and Andrew enjoy their digital detox vacay with a stop at the Cracker Lake Trailhead in the Many Glacier Region. 

Once lining the bottom on an ancient inland sea some 1600 million years ago, layers of sedimentary rock are now peaks thrust high into the air in spectacular geological display. Beautiful multicolored strata containing fossils of some of the earliest life forms on the planet create the diverse terrain now home to grizzly bears, moose, bighorn sheep, and various other types of wildlife which can all be seen wandering the trails today.

The park also offers wooden boat tours across several of the area’s major lakes, guided horseback rides, river rafting and round-trip tours on one of the park’s iconic red tour buses that have served as a staple mode of transportation in the park since the 1930s. Nicknamed for the sound made from the gears shifting on their original double-clutch transmissions, these “red jammers” have since been upgraded with smooth-riding Ford E-series van chassis and canvas convertible tops; perfect for 360° viewing in the open mountain air.

Let a Vacation expert agent plan your amazing trip to Glacier National Park.
Crossing Swiftcurrent Lake: "Red Jammer" bus tours have been a staple of transportation in Glacier National Park since the 1930s. Drop the top and breathe in that crisp clean mountain air!   

The Mountains are Calling

 Although our grandparents had the chance to see this incredible national park in all its splendor, our opportunities are melting. Researchers with the U.S. Geological Survey have noted that some glaciers in the park have reduced as much as 85 percent since 1966. Scientists suggest the iconic glacial formations could disappear completely within our lifetime. Now is the time to appreciate the beauty of this unrivaled world wonder right in America’s backyard before it’s too late.

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Let a Vacation expert agent plan your amazing trip to Glacier National Park.
Ultimate Digital Detox: Don't miss exploring the park's majestic beauty, including a pitstop at the Jackson Glacier Overlook.



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