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6 Ways to Splurge on Your Vacay

Maximize Your Fun While Traveling

You’re always in a mad dash to book that inexpensive flight, reserve that affordable hotel room or see those famous sights while visiting your vacation destination, but it’s really OK to live out your dreams and splurge a little every now and then. Getting those seats behind first base at a Red Sox game in Boston, scoring front-row concert tickets to see Coldplay at Madison Square Garden, or watching Anthony Bourdain prepare some of his favorite Vietnamese dishes at the South Beach Wine & Food Festival – these are all great experiences, but even these fun adventures can be elevated to make your vacation even more enjoyable.

That’s why more travelers are going off-script nowadays to add personalized adventures that align with their passions and interests, providing luxe experiences and VIP access to their favorite celebrities. It’s no longer just about where you go; it’s the amazing opportunities you embrace while you’re there. Here are six ways you should splurge for an off-the-chain, ultimate vacation. 

Arts & Theater

In town for one night and want to see a sold-out Broadway show in Times Square? No problem. Want tickets to opening night at the latest opera while in Rome? Done. International art fairs, award-winning ballets, backstage passes and exclusive gallery parties are always on the menu when you travel in true luxury and style. You may have to a pay extra for these unforgettable experiences, but it will be money well spent.

Ballet performance
Arts & Theater: Learn to splurge on ticket to see a broadway show, your favorite band or ballet performance.


Enjoy a seat at the chef’s table in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Denmark, taste your way through a bustling Asian market with a chef by your side or take a cooking class in the heart of Italy with the country’s best pasta maker. Savor the experiences often saved for the most exclusive of guests and most discerning of foodies. Be adventurous! From a high-end dining experience to trying local delicacies at a hawker stall, you should step outside your comfort zone to fully immerse yourself while traveling.

Waiter passes women small plates.
Culinary: Whet your palate at that Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona.


Have you always dreamt of a private shopping experience at your favorite designer's showroom or closing down a store for a cocktail party and shopping spree with your besties? Bring these “Sex and the City” moments to life and enjoy more one-in-a-lifetime moments such at New York Fashion Week, where you can watch models rip the runaway and score backstage passes for a meet and greet with your favorite designer. Make it work!

Woman looking at a pair of shoes in a store.
Fashion: Go ahead! Buy those shoes you may not be able to find when you're back at home.


Whether you prefer the indie vibe of Coachella in SoCal or the A-list studded Food and Wine Classic in Aspen, these curated experiences will put you right in the center of the world’s best festivals. Be it music, food, film or art, you can taste, dance or sip your way through each festival with exclusive add-ons like helicopter transports, private chef dinner and VIP passes to meet celebrities.


Yeah, it’s great to have front-row tickets to see Beyoncé as well as backstage passes to hang with her after the concert. Why not kick things up a notch! Take your concert experience to the next level with box seats, VIP passes or even private shows in the comfort of your villa or penthouse suite. Bey may not perform in a small venue especially for you, but other artists like Paula Abdul may take a few minutes to teach you one of her classic dance moves. Straight up!

Rowdy fans at a music concert
Music: You really want to splurge on tickets to see Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Little Big Town. Go ahead do it!


Get closer to the action with luxury suites at the U.S. Open, an exclusive tour of your favorite team’s dugout or a hot-pit pass at a Formula 1 race in Singapore. Once the event is over, the fun continues with limo rides to the after-parties or even private dinners with your favorite players. Just think about hanging out at ESPN’s Super Bowl Party rubbing elbows with notable players and sportscasters like Tom Brady and Tiki Barber while listening to performances by Bruno Mars and Flo-Rida. Now, that’s real 24k magic! Embrace whatever you crave! Make your lifetime dreams a reality with the experiences, the stars and the service you desire to take your vacation to the next level.

Crowded stadium of fans watching a tennis match.
Sports: Catch the Super Bowl, March Madness, NHL playoffs or your favorite tennis tourney in person. 

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