She cooks, you clean. She starts the laundry, you fold it. She kills big spiders, you shriek when you see one. That’s called division of labor, and not only is it vital to healthy marriages, but also it’s the traditional way weddings and honeymoons were once planned.

Back in the day, the bride handled every wedding detail, down to the type of water served at dinner. All that the groom had to do was show up on time, ring in hand. Conversely, the groom made the honeymoon plans, researched destinations and made reservations. All that the bride had to do was show up on time, ring on hand.

But times have changed. But times have changed, sort of. While some couples still divide the planning in that way, others tackle the job together or with professional travel agent assistance. If you’re responsible for planning the bulk of the honeymoon on your own, or if you intend to team up with your bride-to-be, here are eight tips on how to nail it.